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  1. Tell me, whats the point of telling you any info about NV35, wich you may not leak. There for taking the risk that you leak it. You know when it will be announced, do you? E3, I guess, just use the arrow smiley as a sign...
  2. But Xavier can you just answer this one question? -Will it as good as NV30 had to be (according to the hype)?
  3. Ummm, Xavier, mmmm, NV35, mmm, YOU CAN'T TALK ABOUT THAT YET!? So you know what its going to be.... -Do you think it will be what the NV30 should have been? Perhaps PM me some info But, meh, you can't trust me, even if I promise not to leak. Life is SOOOO unfair...
  4. Xavier, Fuck! Are you a millionaire!?!? Those 2 systems have everything a gamer needs. You have an FX, awesome..... But why didn't you wait till NV35?
  5. Upke


    Well if I post 4 of the same things behind each other I'll get to 1000 to
  6. Well its sad that its going to take a bit longer. And I can understand some people's angryness. But you can either have a mod, or you can't. These people spend their free time on this project and because they find it fun to work on. If people mess that happyness up, they will not continue with the development. Seconde, I have rather a good working mod, then a crappy, buggy not working mod. I'm fully supporting the MTA-team and their decisions!
  7. Ah, but thats on speed level, not on driver level.
  8. Nonsense, a Ti 4200 is the same chip as the Ti 4600/4800 if it helps the Ti 4600 or 4800 it will help the Ti 4200 to. You are correct in saying that these drivers are especially for the Geforce FX detenator 41.09 is the last Geforce 4 optimalisation. Now watch our expensive cards die....
  9. Just one little mistake, Geforce 4 MX are direct X 7.0...
  10. Use a program called Fraps, not sure where to get it though.
  11. Stat^ thats not entirely correct.... The Geforce 4 MX series of cards are direct X 7.0 compliant. (no PS or VS) The Geforce 3 TI series of cards are direct X 8.0 compliant. (PS 1.1 VS 1.1) The Geforce 4 TI series of cards are direct X 8.1 compliant. (PS 1.3 VS 1.1) Oh, and btw, my specs.... Athlon XP 2200+ @ 2,0 Ghz (XP 2400+ T-bred A) 256 MB DDR 333 Geforce 4 TI 4200 w/8 80 GB Maxtor 7200
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