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  1. Tuning cars would be dope,its gonna make poeple try harder to survive cuzz they dont wanna get killed and lose the car they worked on,i hope it goes through.
  2. Great vid,i got a question...i noticed something on this vid and your last one,everytime your guy is about to fall off the bike he gets back on before he even falls off,is that a mod? or are you quick with the keys? Just wondering.
  3. Sorry for the double post,but i wanted to point out that this is why i was confused here,this is what it says next to the sig section in profile... "A signature is a little text that can be added at the bottom of your posts. It's limited to 500 characters on 5 line(s) and 1 image(s) with none larger than 150x650 pixels and for a maximum of 150Kb. In your text, no more than 100 characters without space too." Mine was 150x500,this says they can be 150x650,maybe its outdated or something but maybe you guys should change it just to avoid conflicts like this.
  4. Alright,you know what,im wrong,i just had somebody look up the size for me and my sig WAS too big,my mistake,i must have read it wrong... "The images in your signature must be sized within either 400x150 OR 620 x 80 pixels." Mine was 500x150 instead of 400x150,i coulda sworn differently,its an honest mistake,like i said i wasnt trying to break the rules,i just got things twisted up...you can lock this now. ...and maybe somebody would be kind enough to gimme my sig back,it would be apreciated.
  5. I kept puttin it back cuzz it was within the size allowed,if you woulda actually checked it instead of assuming you would have seen that,i honestly was not trying to defy the rules,i just thought that since it was within the size it would be perfectly fine,but now i know i guess...any chance i can get some sig status back? Seeing as this was all just a misunderstanding and an unfair accusation.
  6. Can i ask why? I had a sig that was within the limit that it was supposed to be,then all of a sudden one day i didnt have a sig,i dont see what i did wrong,i had a sig that was as big as the max allowed...im confused.
  7. I didnt know where to post this so i just posted it here in the help section since im lookin for help... I cannot see poeples sigs and i dont have the abililty to have one,the option just disapeared from my profile...when i switch skins it lets me have a sig but i still cant see any sigs on the forums,is this some kinda bug? Or am i restricted from seeing/having sigs? Heres a pic of what its lookin like... If somebody knows whats goin on please let me know.
  8. Yea i do that everyday...shits cool. And when i walk around i see crosshairs in front of me everywhere i go.
  9. Yea,thats what i was gonna say but i forgot what it was called...basiclly cheating is cheating whether its in your backyard or somebody elses.
  10. Now this might sound n00bish cuzz i dont know much about this technical stuff,but we do get larger areas to go about are there gonna be servers that hold more than 26 people?
  11. Doesnt matter what server your in,it could even be your own,when you cheat you break the rules of MTA.
  12. Thank you... That video is the best stunt video ive ever seen,ive only seen a few,but they had nothing on this one,not only were the stunts unique but it was put together very well...nice job guys. 10/10
  13. Hmm, something against TGA W/e Anyways, you know what i think ATS. Hella good Nothin against it,i just dont wanna register,too lazy.
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