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  1. DazzaJay: Its also happening in GTA SP since GTA3, if a fire is somewhere everything will get on fire in that area (Height doesn't matter) - only exception: Players / Actors who are in the air - this does not count for vehicles though). Thats also a good method for killing in some other MP - Mods, just throw a molotov cocktail against a wall where players are on the roof.
  2. viewtopic.php?f=89&t=20933 Thats the same problem. Happens also on XP
  3. Same problem, it also crashes when turning off Dynamic Scene Rendering in the options. Current forceware XP Pro Nvidia 6800 GS/XT Fresh GTA install Fresh MTA install Updated motherboard drivers (MSI-7042) Updated audio drivers (ACMEdia) Current DirectX version Same problem happens in some of the DXSDK samples, seems to have to do with changing rendertargets when shaders are enabled. Was able to get ingame by using pix and disabling all calls until I was ingame - re-enabling calls did show the game for a few seconds, unable to do anything - animations working, crash! Posted the errorl
  4. Put them to your mtama root dir: [sum dir.] mta.mrc ... mta_sa2.jpg (Which is 2000x2000 px) mta_sa3.jpg (Which is 3000x3000 px) mta_sa4.jpg (Which is 4000x4000 px) mta_sa5.jpg (Which is 5000x5000 px) mta_sa6.jpg (Which is 6000x6000 px) They havent worked for me until i deleted the mta_sa6.jpg cuz it just made my mta: ma lag as hell. (Due the big filesize)
  5. Is there a fix for "Unknown" map allready?
  6. I m still new to mirc scripting but i would use this: on *:SIGNAL:mta.command:{ if $3 == !job { if $rpg.area($1,$2) == Malibu-Club { if ($readini($scriptdir $+ Job.ini,n,Malibu,Mission1Done)) == 0 { mta.msg $1 $2 Job Completed. You Got 987 ! !writeini -n $+(",$scriptdir,Job.ini,") Malibu Mission1Done 1 } else { mta.msg $1 $2 Job Allready Done! } } } } But u should Mark PlayerIsInMission and PlayerMoney. The way you use seems to be unlogic.. //Edit: Code updated
  7. Thx alot - havent been able to find them in the docs
  8. 1. How can i find out when a player just crossed the finish line? RaceEnd is executed shortly before loading the next race. 2. How to send pm's usign MTA: mA in the 0.4x versions 3. How to add a command like mta.level(Server, PlayerID)... I would like to have an command which can be executed by admins only so when level is > 0 then execute it
  9. i think the max passenger limit is 7 maybe 8 I think the game made a good descision... They should test with much ppl - one guy joins, then the next one, .... Go into a area and check if the game is lag free - that should happen on a private server. then they set the limit to a gd player limit which should be lag free
  10. i know the bug: Rename the MTA/american.gxt to MTA/german.gxt !
  11. This info was on gta-action.com too ! But without link (Lan or Inet) more like a roleplaying game or someone drive and someone shoot !
  12. Still learning DX, but a chat window ??? (the avatar of Camaro) Good luck with GTAC ! (I am a big fan of your project) J-Fox
  13. Use these website for Servers too !!! http://www.game-monitor.com/search.php? ... er=players J-Fox GEMM Team Leader @IJs Congratulation for GTA3:AM but GEMM is better not yet but when its released
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