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  1. ty harry ur a fuckin star
  2. if someone can fix my problem id really appreciate it
  3. I wish sum 1 cud just give me a method of removing 1 name from a list doesnt have to be complicated [/code]
  4. MIRC says this writeini has incorrect parameters can sum 1 correct this writeini bjack.ini onlineadmin current $remtok($readini(bjack.ini,onlineadmin,current),$mta.name($1,$2),1,46)
  5. thats exactly the same as wot i had can we have sum1 who knows wot they are doing here!
  6. This is wot i have for mta.part on *:SIGNAL:mta.part:{ if ($readini(bjack.ini,adminlist,$mta.name($1,$2)) != $null) { writeini bjack.ini onlineadmin current $remtok($readini(bjack.ini,onlineadmins,current),$mta.name($1,$2),1,46) mta.say $1 $mta.name($1,$2) has logged off as admin! } else { mta.say $1 $mta.name($1,$2) has left the game! } } it wont work summat wrong wit the $remtok
  7. I have a bit of a problem with my current admins script this is the join on *:SIGNAL:mta.join:{ if ($readini(bjack.ini,adminlist,$mta.name($1,$2)) != $null) { mta.say $1 $readini(bjack.ini,server,awelcome)) $mta.name($1,$2) writeini bjack.ini onlineadmin current $readini(bjack.ini,onlineadmin,current) $+ , $mta.name($1,$2) } elseif ($readini(bjack.ini,adminlist,$mta.name($1,$2)) == $null) { mta.say $1 $readini(bjack.ini,server,welcome)) } } i need a part script that only removes 1 name from a list instead of removing all names!
  8. These are the 1st two lines of my script on *:SIGNAL:mta.join: { mta.msg $1 $2 $readini(bjack.ini,server,welcome)
  9. I am having serious problems with 3.17 unfortunately! * /1: not connected to server (line 2, bjack2.mrc) it says this but however my $1 is in all commands that it is neccessary for. Sometimes the script works sometimes it shows an error I think MIRC thinks that it is not connected because it is not physically connected to a chatroom perhaps if sumone cud code a MTA:MA that allows MIRC to connect to a server via the connect button used for accessing chatrooms!
  10. We are nearly full Commanders [GLTc]BJack - garethppls@hotmail.com [GLTc]Seppe - seppe_lauw@msn.com [GLTc]Slayer - nick__da__dude@hotmail.com Full Members [GLT] Sven - d_v_dan_@hotmail.com [GLT] Glitch - therealdb@hotmail.com [GLT] leppie [GLT] Jamaal [GLT] Chris - cms040889@hotmail.com [GLT] Termin - thebrains605@hotmail.com [GLT] Flood6 [GLT] []\/[][]\/[][]\/[] [GLT] Pencil - killah@belgacom.net [GLT] Hieu - hieu@clan-nsa.atspace.org [GLT] Agent47 - cozza700@hotmail.com Recruits [GLTr] Wam0 - xmikecom@hotmail.com [GLTr] TaBaus - tabaus_gaming@hotmail.com [GLTr] DJ-Nick -
  11. GLT would be interested for applying for the European League but we are all from different nationalities so please put us as independent if u can
  12. VCT are now GLT I am the leader!!! But i still wanna pwn ur asses in a clanwar to go for clanwar http://gltgang.mybesthost.com cya in a server soon
  13. Well we have a lot of recruiting to do still! By the way if any 1 wants in glt http://gltclan.tk post in the Join Us forum!
  14. Thanx for the interest im really chuffed! go to http://www.gltclan.tk and post in challenge us for clanwar![/u]
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