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  1. omg thank you i really needed it because i suck at scripting
  2. local height = 0 height = 0 SizeVal = 2998 -- Defining variables. southWest_X = -SizeVal southWest_Y = -SizeVal southEast_X = SizeVal southEast_Y = -SizeVal northWest_X = -SizeVal northWest_Y = SizeVal northEast_X = SizeVal northEast_Y = SizeVal -- OnClientResourceStart function that creates the water. function Createwater() water = createWater ( southWest_X, southWest_Y, height, southEast_X, southEast_Y, height, northWest_X, northWest_Y, height, northEast_X, northEast_Y, height ) setWaterLevel ( height ) end function drainSomeWater() height = height + 1 setWaterLev
  3. hey guys can you help my script gui is not working {help ok here is gui.lua function CreateWeaponWindow() GUIEditor_Window = {} GUIEditor_TabPanel = {} GUIEditor_Tab = {} GUIEditor_Button = {} GUIEditor_Memo = {} GUIEditor_Label = {} GUIEditor_Window[1] = guiCreateWindow(60,142,1477,824,"Weapon store v0.1",false) GUIEditor_Label[1] = guiCreateLabel(0.3825,0.034,0.2505,0.1153,"Weapons",true,GUIEditor_Window[1]) guiLabelSetColo
  4. function setupForRace ( ) local RacerPed = createPed (1171.09765625,-2037.2551269531,69.0078125) local RaceVehicle = createVehicle (1161.5633544922,-2043.7193603516,69.0078125) -- create a vehicle. warpPedIntoVehicle ( RacerPed, RaceVehicle ) -- warp the ped straight into the vehicle end addCommandHandler ( "startrace", setupForRace ) -- add a command to start race hey every time i type startrace i get a bunch of errors here are the errors take from my log files [10:35:24] New resource 'ped' loaded [10:35:25] Resou
  5. hello guys how do i join? im a noob scripter wanting to help
  6. function rewardOnWasted ( ammo, killer, killerweapon, bodypart ) --if there is a killer, and that killer is not the same person as whoever died if ( killer ) and ( killer ~= source ) then givePlayerMoney ( killer, 100000 ) --reward the killer with 1000 cash. end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerWasted", getRootElement(), rewardOnWasted ) --attach the rewardOnWasted function to the relevant event. how do i make this reward me money when i waste a ped?
  7. why can we not just re enable the peds original ai from san andreas and sync it (not as easy as it sounds is it? lol)
  8. ive already done this it just it up evan more fixed it thanks
  9. ive already done this it just fucks it up evan more
  10. admin panel opens but nothing works i use the nightly builds :::story:::: i login whilst in game then it asks me to press p i press i click on my name it does nothing so i try clicking a button on the right nothing happens but the tab menu works resources cannot be started or stoped in admin panel ive tried restarting panel noting fixes itself any help will be appricated! with a cookie
  11. ]fix this pls cannot get onto this link Lua.xml for Notepad++ (MTA DP2.3 + 1.0 functions from 06/04/2009 without Lua standard functions) but thanks
  12. 1. yes 2.all of them yes -i upgraded my nightly build thanks
  13. this wont help you but can i just have the cookie?
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