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  1. that sounds good too, so basically what i am thinking isn't possible yet... i was thinking more along the lines of vCTF fot UT2k4... just like that but for MTA. basically like to teams red cars vs blue cars on opposite sides of the map, in their bases. red team drives over to the blue teams base trys to get in and drive over a veh change to a whoopie, then has to drive back to the red base go over a cp to score a point and then he turns back inot a car to go and get more points... and i was thiking like in the base there would be veh change pick ups for whatever you want, like a bullet t
  2. yeha make this a map for the current release not make it a game mode....
  3. ATTN: Ransom' and Aeron I've heard you 2 are the best mappers there is... so i was wondering if u think this is possible at this time. i really think this could be a lot of fun and wondering if either of u have any input on how to figure this out. Anything u know that would help would be awesome..
  4. could u make a one time pick up item though? per round? until u get back to base? then the ice cream truck turns back intoa bike and the pickup is then available again? thats how that would have to work is my idea.,....
  5. k i really dont know about how to mod this. but none the less i'm gonna share it with everyone and see if its possible.. as some of you may know vCTF for UT2K4 is fun, so i thought hey why not in MTA... since its a race mod only right now i thought this might be a fun twist for it... Basically like regular CTF but with cars duh... i dont know how this would be possible or if it even is yet... My guess is when the SDK is done yes but idk right now... need a scroing system and a way to make teams... like red team all red cars, and blue team all blue cars, or whatever colors u want... to any
  6. I've put up a private server for me and my buds there was 10 of us on my internet conection like they were all at home and i put up the server at home sinice i have the fastest connection, and there was no lag all of our pings were under 30. i have 6mbit cable so like 90k/s UL. and it ran flawlessly.
  7. i would like to see the 2 merge to be honest with ya. more would get done and the greatest super mod would most likely arise...
  8. I understand how difficult it would be becuase if the Server "knew" the map the server would sort of have to be collossal, Am i correct? and then the client would have to download information for where the pedestrians are and what not. Very tough situation. I know that sony's Everquest has accomplished this feat. there are NPC's (non player charachters) and every player in the game that can see it sees it. i suppose it would be more magnified becuase with the pedestrians we are talking about thousands of NPC's. i just dont think it can be done. hopefully someone can prove me wrong. and t
  9. thats pretty coll i have to admit.... sounds realyy hard to code..... so we'll see it in a few years then? it sounds awesome though... kinda like ghost recon in a way... sorta.... yeh ghost recon and Command and conqure.,... lol
  10. Lets get this back on topic please........ Not sure if this was said or not... but do what Valve's Counterstrike does.... make there be a cheating side and a secure side.... This would have to be on the server side as it is in counterstrike.. it would be up to the server to chose if its a cheating server or not... and make it show up in ASE and stuff that its a cheating/secure server... i bet it will work and as first mentioned.... Sending the vanilly files would work without probem.. Even ig you go to a cheating server. you'll get bad filees from a cheating server... but then when you g
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