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  1. i had same problem. download or install the latest driver(s) usually helps.
  2. OK, I want to make my own server, 2Mb, dont no what upload is yet, just got this morning, changes should take place within 48hr. So I was wondering, how many Kb/sec will just one person need on a server? For example: 1 Person will need 40Kb/sec upload for a good ping.. etc
  3. Well im paying 15.99 for 256 but somehow I just downloaded a file off mess and suddenly since ive been getting speeds off ares like 107.47KB/sec right now and downloaded swish max and got Downloaded: 9.27MB in 45 sec Transfer rate: 211 KB/Sec
  4. Hi everyone, disregaurd the name I was in this shit clan years back. Im paying £15.99 from tiscali a month for supposed 256k connection, recently I can download at 128kb-220kb/sec but only upload at 20-30kb/sec. Just wondering if i could make a mta server what could the maximum it hold be? and what speeds am i reciving at.
  5. well people who wern't there dont have a right to talk about it
  6. english 7pm i like my server free of complaints you see.
  7. Hi everyone, as you may of noticed I haven't shared my side of the story. What they failed to mention and cut out of that log is that Andy and Dan-Nut was actually teaming 2v1, I find this unfair and after thier childish name calling I give up on this phoolish 2v1 match kick them, then I banned after they repeatedly kept coming back after I explicily said: I'm shutting the server to other than [VCE] for the next couple of hours, go now please. Anyway I think the sore losers are the ones that do 2v1 because 'THIER TEAM' cannot split. Oh, by the way nice spawn killing guys P.S I even unbann
  8. nope. well not that i know of i havent seen all the players, ste's training them when im offline
  9. By the way why did VCES>SHADOW come in our server yesterday complaining? P.S We have made it over the 2week mark we been up and running [the clan] for about 4
  10. OK. [VCE] Vice City Elites, are a new UK clan. But all members from across the world can join providing they speak English & Maintain a overall Ratio of 1 minimum. There are at the moment around 10 members. A server owned by myself, and andy (Rascal) Admins: [VCE]Nick [VCE]JamesUK [VCE]Ste Low-moderators: [VCE]Otyg [VCE]Michiel Everyone is allowed in our server, as long as they follow the rule: NO CHEATING ALLOWED OR INSTANT BAN. If they would like to contact me about joining here is the details: SERVER: vce.idlegames.com (PORT 2000) EMAIL: mta_master@hotmail.com
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