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  1. Hello MTA community! As you can see I'm totally new here. I've started mapping with the MTA Editor, actually I started last night.. Now I need some help from you guys! Some info I want to build a sheriff's department for the Fort Carson police house: But how do I make it? I know that I should make the interior high up in the sky somewhere. 1. But where do I find walls that looks good? I've been going through the whole "Walls, Fences, Gates (etc.)" list over and over again to try to find walls that looks good, but I can't find any! 2. Let's say I have created a few objects up in the sky and I want to save the map so I can continue the next day.. When I go into MTA Editor the next day and load up the map, how on earth am I going to get back to the objects I made? Do I have to set a spawnpoint on the floor object or something? I can't find the objects that I have created after I've exited the program.