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  1. dudes, u do know downtown is just a joke, did u look at the bottom of the main page, hidden in text it says "April fools guys"
  2. anyway back on topic for recruting!
  3. -TFS- now has 7 members and we would like to share the big Vice city airport with CE if they area if they dotn we would like to take the country club, thank you! -Coca EDIT: if we cant have the country club seeing as we cant have both can we ahve the building you take the photos from on a mission just across the road from the malabu, only if we cant get the whole country club. thank you
  4. thats what i said btK i copied it strait fromur name
  5. thanx yet again guys, now i jus need to get some members through the forums, i already have some through MTA Edit* the site is http://thefalcons.cjb.net/ thanx for pointing that out no www.
  6. Can TFS - Thwe falcons get the mall and the parking lott were the funhopuse department is located? thanx! -Coca
  7. The falcons clan is new and is looking for members! visit our new site when its finished. plz contact me on cocanuta@Gmail.com Roster(so far): -TFS-Cocanuta -TFS-Parmaz -TFS-Hexie -TFS-Tonkin -TFS-TNT -TFS-Chilout -TFS-Sunshine thanx! -Coca
  8. i know i am in the proses of making it now, and thanx.
  9. is a new MTA clan ! for more info: email: cocanuta@gmail.com MSN: cocanuta@postmaster.co.uk Website: http://www.GTAHeaven.co.uk/BOOM (Under construction) Thanx!
  10. Can we get the film studio plz thanx form D.U.I!
  11. D.U.I (Driving under influence) Leaders: [DUI]Jimmayyy [DUI]ShpOnglE Members: Cocanuta Kentishboy ADAM
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