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  1. So you see that it would kinda handy..
  2. yeah in the middle of battle is plain stupid indeed.. But not if youre standing in the middle of nowhere.. And Call of duty has this function so and i think there are more games using this function
  3. One of the makers of Bleu i hope..
  4. Yohan

    When VC crashes

    Srry i didn't mean to bump the topic.. Anyways thnx for responding so fast Now that i'm bumping.... Do you know when 0.4.2 will be realesed?
  5. I like all these ideas very much... On the MTA setup screen (if there will be some kind of screen) select your playlist and every week a new radio download pack downloadable form mtavc.com And radio stations changed to the style of MTA like some else sais cheating is bad bla bla.... I hope that all of this is possible..
  6. Yohan

    When VC crashes

    But sometimes crashes MTA 'harder' and then you must restart your computer and nothing works anymore so he does have a point.. Can someone make a patch or something..?
  7. Or mabey a script that when you spawnkill someone... That he gets a temporary ban for 5 minutes or so....
  8. Mabey something like this that you see something above some one's head when he is typing so (if your not evil) you can spare his life..
  9. Yeah that would be need neat indeed.. Because sometime if youre crouching peaple call you a cheater because they cant hit you and they don't see that your crouching... Anyways ik hope you guys can improve this..
  10. Ok ThnQ for ansering my question on such short notice.. keep up the good work..
  11. Will ya get a new option to in your menu what says mods..? Like Cs and all other FPS games..?
  12. I mean your own skins in MTA not in SP.. @ Posty i cant wait.. I just need to play it.. Posty would ya like to keep me posted about the whole character thing..?
  13. In MTA Blue... What characters will be in it the same from previous versions of MTA or since you restyling MTA whole new characters And uh mabey an idea but how about creating your own character (skin) ... That would be cool wouldnt it.. Anyways let me know..
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