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    Need Stealth

    I need the stealth gamemode file. Not any maps, just the gamemode file.
  2. How do I host it on my own computer?
  3. Hi guys, I want to make a server that is free. A scripter told me he can make his own server with his own program for free. I was wondering if anyone could share what program I can use that can create a free server? Please tell me the name of the program and a short tutorial. Thanks!
  4. God, thanks. U rock.
  5. Just a copy and paste.
  6. Hey guys. My player menu isn't going so well. So I was wondering if someone could post an LUA scriting of a good player menu.
  7. I need weapon file. I was moding for my server and shit happened! NOW ATTACH IT!
  8. Can someone send me their weapon file? its in thedata section.
  9. ZOmbie mode was already made by gamenet.fi
  10. It really must be some peace of crap... atleast does it twice a day.
  11. Lol. Simbad, can I be an admin on your server? I got some good Ideas actually... not kidding. I'll give you some for free. Heres one: THis idea is a mini game. Its a plane race minigame for 1.0. The Idea is that all players, when entering/starting a minigame, start in a whjole new map with only a run way. In the map, there are big hoops which can fit 5 airplanes side by side. The point of the game is for the players to have a race through the hoops. They have 3 minutes to get past 5 hoops that are spaced a part. The winner gets 1k or so. Its a decent idea. I bet ya it would attract a few 10
  12. Uh, I got 3 replys.... Anyway, I want to get the type of server as him but upgrade it. Make it badde and better.
  13. Hi all. Something is wrong with the server list. Sometimes, all servers incept one, shut off. It weird because that serve becomes full and the other people playing can't do anything. Even though that 1 server is cool.
  14. I really don't know how to script LUA. Or anything... But I'd be glad to help your server as an admin or has a rightsidde buddy. Tell me your email, I'll contact you.
  15. Hey creators of MTA. I am about to make my own server using X-Serverz. I really do not want to pay. If you can do anything in you power to give me a server free of charge, I will glady put ads in to visit this website. Either way, I don't know any scripters who can help. I would like if I could have one of you (cause I can trust you and you are pros) to help scipt my server. The server is not in existence right now but I would like it to be named Top MTA Server. I have already made the forums at TopMTAServer.webs.com. So I was thinking that I could get a server from you, if not I'll buy one
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