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  1. the mta customers have their billing frozen, and if they chose to switch to another provider their balance will be refunded back to them.
  2. noog

    MTAServer Compatibility

    all my mta servers run on debian linux, doubt there's a real need for .deb's though...
  3. A knockout competition to find the best stunter has started! The Challenge: Rack up as much money in stunt mode in 5 minutes as you can The Prize A months mta hosting! The Rules Modding is absoloutely disallowed, other than that... there are no rules! you can signup here: http://www.fr4g.com/fsl/ We will also be making a video of some of the best stunts which we'll publish once the competition has ended!
  4. definately non-linear. my servers push about 10mbit every evening
  5. noog

    phpMTAS-2.0 release

    It isn't maintained anymore. this thread is over a year old!
  6. noog

    Serverlog to webpage

    Parse error: parse error in /var/fr4g/serverlog.php on line 60 only thing I changed was put the serverlog address as an absoloute path
  7. afaik they havent really decided on how to organise it, they could perhaps ban mtama client ip's who abuse the system.
  8. yeah, he's got a dual p4 box all to himself (nearly) to play around on =) It will esentially be a global statistics database for all the servers that run GRS, It wont be like game-monitor or csports.net , both those sites get their information from a simple query, and can only get at information such as kills, ping, players on each server.. this global db will be much more deep reaching, ideally having quite in depth detail about a players choice of weapon, kill statistics, choice of skin and so on...
  9. no use to me, cant make head or tail of it. now we need someone to put 2 and 2 together :[
  10. you remember getting it working a year ago? chances are it doesnt work with the new mta there are now no programs to generate stats.
  11. thanks for the information about blue, I will probably provide a file manager and basic text editor when blue comes out to be able to manage addons/mods. the thing itself is coded in php with a mysql backend. is there a listing of the colour codes for the motd.txt file?
  12. try connecting to port 2008 if it doesnt work then it's your connection =\
  13. I think he's having a problem finding a server. download ASE or look at http://www.game-monitor.com to find a server with people in and start playing. once you're connected you can click "start game" and it should work fine. you shoulden't need to edit those top boxes.
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