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  1. Hey! I found VSCode a really awesome editor, so I created a simple extension for it that lints Lua scripts using luac. Now I can use vscode as my main MTA scripts editor. It seems to be working fine, so I share it with you. You can download the extension here: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/it ... .lualinter Sources are available on GitHub: https://github.com/dcr30/vscode-lualinter
  2. Russian Racing Club - русский игровой сервер в MTA San Andreas. Описание Возможности сервера будут включать в себя гараж, тюнинг: наложение наклеек, раскрасок, различных компонентов (спойлеры, карбоновые капоты), неон и прочие улучшения. Будут организовываться гонки и чемпионаты как администрацией, так и игроками. Автомобили будут примерно разделены на разные группы: 1) Отечественные авто (LADA) 2) Иномарки ~1980-2000 годов 3) Современные спорткары. На данный момент сервер в разработке. Видео Группа ВК vk.com/rrc_mta
  3. What do you think? Would it be useful? Video (just a prototype): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7cgeTU2O6k
  4. MTA Map Editor Multi Selection Tool. Allows you to select more than one objects in MTA Map Editor. You can move, copy and rotate selected objects. Thanks to SHC team for testing and helping with code. www.SHC-clan.com Download: link Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cVDcxfqbJs&feature=plcp I hope you like it!
  5. Wherry


    Thank you, but I already know that I need to inject my code using DLL I want to learn stuff like ida, olly dbg, how to find a function that cretes a car in game assembly and call it from cpp code. Something like that
  6. Wherry


    Hey, I understand that this forum section is a bit wrong to ask about it, but there is no better place. I think we can actually talk about it here because MTA is a mod that is created by reverse engineering GTASA. Well, I'm really interested in such things and I want to learn reversing, but it's impossible to find anything really useful in internet. Could you people tell me something like books or tutorials that will help me with learning it? I think I already know some basics, so I want something *advanced*. Sort of. I think it's the best place where I can ask about it even if this question
  7. Wherry

    MTA Android App.

    Nice, but it would be much better to be able to join MTA servers from mobile and use server chat, commands, etc
  8. Yes, im adding vehicle position + rotation to a table and drawing lines using this position. It's simple! You can see the sources btw. Thank you guys for comments
  9. Movement Recording Tool v2 A simple tool made to make mappers' life easier. By MRT you can record your vehicle movement and draw it's trajectory. Using this script you can make perfect ramps, etc. Description: Link Video demo (v1) Video demo (v2) Download: Download page: [OPEN] Special thanks to Accident for testing! I hope you like it
  10. Кажется, я осознал, в чем заключалась моя ошибка: Был файл a.lua: outputChatBox( tostring( some() ) ) и b.lua function some() return true end Значение имеет то, в каком порядке фалы перечислены в meta. Не работало из-за того, что сначала был описан a.lua, а потом b.lua. Первый файл начинал выполняться, когда b.lua не был выполнен и функция не была объявлена.
  11. Через декомпилятор. Хм, большое спасибо за отзыв, но ожидалось получить более конкретный ответ. Я пытался найти декомпилятор, но тот, который я нашел, выдавал ошибки и ничего не делал.
  12. Yes ofcourse. Both files are client-side
  13. А что насчет декомпиляции скрипта? С помощью чего можно это делать?
  14. Hello! Can you guys help me? I have file a.lua and b.lua and i need to call functions from b.lua in a.lua. How to do it? btw: I already tried dofile() loadfile() (MTA says that it's unsafe functions). also i tried to define variables as global: b.lua: x = "Hello World" a.lua outputChatBox(x) This example outputs error too. And ofcourse i tried to use triggerEvent + addEvent but it's bad. Thank you!
  15. А как скоро должен появиться MTA DM 1.0???
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