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  1. I have a server to at serverffs, and i dont have problems at all
  2. A new mta server in town The past view weeks we where working on a new server. It will be a very cool server, with a lot of things in it. Here is a small list of the things that are in it, or planned for the near feature: User accounts (not finished yet) Social networking (not yet implemented) Houses (not finished yet) All kind of missions Advanced AFK system (not yet implemented) Vehicle shops Find a pot of gold (not yet implemented) V.I.P. section (not yet implemented) Donator rank system (not yet implemented) Gamer rank system (not yet implemented) And a lot more... you really need to find that out for your self. A problem But we have one very very big problem, we don't know a name for the server. We can't think of one. So that is where you all come in, we need you to think of a name. What do you get if your name is the one we going to use for the server. Now to be fair, you will get V.I.P. access to our server('s)! And the next couple of things: A new house [between 20.000 $ and 50.000 $] A new vehicle And as a bonus $50.000 to spend in game (game money, not real money)!!! How to be a part of it, simple just reply to this post with the next template: [b]My in-game username: [/b](here your name) [b]The name for the server: [/b](here the name) [b]Why this name:[/b] (Here a little description of the name) Do not pm me with a name, just reply to this topic. Server info IP Address: (Direct link) Website: unkown yet Teamspeak: The server is not yet installed IRC: We still need to make a channel.
  3. Hello, Where can i find a player menu recource ? Greetz 0wn3r
  4. jimmy_slijpen@hotmail.com (MSN)
  5. 0wn3r


    For how much do you make it? Greetz 0wn3r
  6. Hello, Is there a scripter who is intressting to script this gamemode ? ( http://simbaddezeeman.nl/gamemodeinfo.php ) I'll pay for it. Greetz 0wn3r
  7. Hello, I have a dedi host and i have MTA SA Deathmatch installed with a few mods, but my question is there someone who is intressting to run a server together ? Greetz 0wn3r
  8. It Works, Thank you very much !!
  9. 0 I cant find whats wrong, and btw i can loging to my web interface for Enable or Disable one of my Recources
  10. Thats so wiered, i am logged in, and i press P, but nothing happands...
  11. Hi, I have this, that need to be correct, the resource is running , but i get no answer when i press ''P'' Greetz 0wn3r
  12. Hello, I am new and i just have start a server, but i cant find how to open de admin console ingame. Is there a command to open it ? Greetz 0wn3r