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  1. I have a server to at serverffs, and i dont have problems at all
  2. A new mta server in town The past view weeks we where working on a new server. It will be a very cool server, with a lot of things in it. Here is a small list of the things that are in it, or planned for the near feature: User accounts (not finished yet) Social networking (not yet implemented) Houses (not finished yet) All kind of missions Advanced AFK system (not yet implemented) Vehicle shops Find a pot of gold (not yet implemented) V.I.P. section (not yet implemented) Donator rank system (not yet implemented) Gamer rank system (not yet implemented) And a lot more..
  3. Hello, Where can i find a player menu recource ? Greetz 0wn3r
  4. jimmy_slijpen@hotmail.com (MSN)
  5. For how much do you make it? Greetz 0wn3r
  6. Hello, Is there a scripter who is intressting to script this gamemode ? ( http://simbaddezeeman.nl/gamemodeinfo.php ) I'll pay for it. Greetz 0wn3r
  7. Hello, I have a dedi host and i have MTA SA Deathmatch installed with a few mods, but my question is there someone who is intressting to run a server together ? Greetz 0wn3r
  8. It Works, Thank you very much !!
  9. 0 I cant find whats wrong, and btw i can loging to my web interface for Enable or Disable one of my Recources
  10. Thats so wiered, i am logged in, and i press P, but nothing happands...
  11. Hi, I have this, that need to be correct, the resource is running , but i get no answer when i press ''P'' Greetz 0wn3r
  12. Hello, I am new and i just have start a server, but i cant find how to open de admin console ingame. Is there a command to open it ? Greetz 0wn3r
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