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  1. LOl Hunny, lmao, when theres an cheater, wheres the admin, when theres an glitcher, wheres the admin, usaly there there, but there idle, like fuck, but sometimes they come threw ;p, always idle!
  2. *is at school* any one wanna have an match tonight
  3. Vc is realy fun, using Spawns and stuf, Gta3....is .. i dont know...Cutefull??
  4. Skins?, i was going to make me having " I Wuv you bender <3"
  5. i Think Rockstar will be doing that, and when it does do that, it might suck, but i mthinking they'll have alot of suck ass limits, like no cusing, but i just Relized there mature....maybe....just maybe. but it might not be as good as multitheft auto BLUE, Stiff up an lip hun
  6. Use Correct Grammar next time if you dont want to be um Flamed" I am in an server, and i cant see shit" Way better ain't it Hun?!
  7. slothman, you can just notice real fast "Crazy modding Crew" Keyword, Modding ;p
  8. Im getting an Gateway with an Ati Video card, and two Games , iknow one is Smackdown Vs raw, i already got SA, what game could it be.....
  9. Match this Friday =FFS= Vs ~VvG~ An truce between us FFS and VvG has been Discussed
  10. I got kicked out huh? dumbass i left on my own, Stfu, Laugh Pwned
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