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  1. Very nice, although I liked the classic-style Fido-only deathmatch...
  2. I believe that if you type /kill in a car the game stops relaying your location to the other players etc. until you get out and die like a man/woman/masked thing.
  3. It could be done, maybe, by just making placeable ramps/buildings/etc as rather heavy, unenterable vehicles. Well, it's an idea.
  4. Adrenaline Pill Pickups: Except instead of slowing down the game world, they speed up the player, while giving him his crazy super-punch. The result: Everyone trying to gun down the speedy nutter whos' punchign everyone away. Super Blood: Hit someone with a car? You deserve a little reward, and what better than a bloody mist? Sorta like that particle thing on the Blue page. Pizza: One person (The Pizza Boy) has a rather large gun, and is trapped inside the Pizza place. Everyone else has to try and kill him somehow. Whoever kills him gets five points and becomes the new Pizza Boy.
  5. Bots could be fun, even if they were just scripted, synched actors.
  6. From what I gather, if there's something you want that isn't included at release, you can mod it in. So, multiplayer missions are feasable.
  7. I do believe he was trying to be funny.
  8. Maybe allow GTA3 server admins to select what island they want to run on their server? I'm sure there's a way to keep players safely locked inside Staunton and Shoreside.
  9. I'll be polite: Are you dyslexic? Cause your writing is near unreadable.
  10. I hear running away screaming works well.
  11. Aha. Thanks for the clarification.
  12. I've heard various complains and issues about carkills. So I had an idea. Basically, have a server-side option for Carkills... 0 = Cars just knock over, like in VC (i think) 1 = Carkills but with no credit. 2 = Carkills with credit. This way everyone gets their cake. They may be able to eat it too, if they can get out of the cake shop without being buried in someone's grill. If this has been heard before and turned down due to complications or somewhat, then close/ignore.
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