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  1. Tu is finishing because all members have started playin a new game including myself so cya guys its bin fun
  2. thx m8 we had to delete 2 members coz i found out they cheated so we still need some more members
  3. what on gta3 if yes then maby coz i dont no if they even play gta3 any more lol but if its one vc then ye lol
  4. sorry about the doble post here is a list of our current members: [TU]K5H [TU]Bawbag [TU]Temper [TU]Blu3 [TU]Crimo [TU]Dust [TU]Dru [TU]miki yes i have gta3 and so does [TU]Blu3. [TU]Bawbag will have it soon but i dont no aboout the rest of the members
  5. i think we are just about ready for a clan war but not with any of the big clans like KFC FMJ UK UVA coz i dont think we are ready for any clans like that lol
  6. thx m8 but i still think we need a new skin i personly think that stadard skins suck lol but we will keep it if every1 else likes it
  7. right we have a few members now if when you are playing anyone in my clan and they are cheating or modding could you plz tell me so i can kick them from the clan thx
  8. thx guys the link should work now coz i put the link in rong lol if any one nos any good skins for IPB (the forums we are usin) then tell us coz i think the standard silver skin and blue skin are rubish thx
  9. hi im K5H me and my m8s got together and thought we'd make a clan for MTA lol so we did if you want to join us then youve got to be good at deathmatch and not a cheater or modder (coz i h8 people that do that) the website is http://www.TUgang.tk thx
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