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  1. yes, the vote sistem i can't say its the best... the other day some dude was doing votekick and kicking random people and gametype is the same thing every time somebody starts a vote its changes the gamemode.... i suggest to change the percentage of required yes votes to about 60-80% (don't know how much is set now but seems like 50%) and a way to avoid the votepoll being started 20 times by the same person (like for example you can start the votepoll 3 times and then you have to wait 15min before starting it again)

    just my opinion! :P

  2. wow nick's offensive!\o/ I perfectly understand you so I leave my suggestion here and I hope it is tooken seriously

    your chrome shotgun pickup disbalances all the caracters, all ppl will play with is crusader and shotgun pickup and I don't understand how that is better then everybody playing with robber and sailor, not to say about the time waisted on the wars because everybody someone dies he has to /quit

    so my suggestion is remove chrome shotgun pickup or forbid crusader and allow molly pickups for sailers...hieu don't forget that if you want to keep running your euna poop you have to radically change the way it works

  3. Okay. We know about a new spawn system + ammunation.

    We know it's going to be tested.

    But the key part to me. Has ACTUAL GAMEPLAY been restored to a point it can be VERY fun for us again, as well as be more stable and secure? I still crash quite often in 0.5, just randomly. Usually can't play for more than 7 minutes without a crash.

    As a gamer, and a player of mta, i feel that you guys should focus on integrity of the mod first, and addons later ;)

    Just my own personal opinion.

    couldn't say it any better

  4. Clanplanet.co.uk :: MTA:GTA3 0.4.1 Public Server|143ms|

    e-frag.co.uk - Unstoppable Killers - Public - MTA:GTA3|79ms|

    fr4g.co.uk - FMJ No Cheating Killing Fest GTA3 0.4.1 (http://www.mta-fmj.com) |73ms|

    Gang Warfare GTA3|288ms|

    [Gservers.nl 100Mbit public]|112ms|

    !! Kubus Puchatek Morderca GTA3 (0.4.1) !!|224ms|

    MTA 0.4.1 GTA 3|252ms|

    MTA 0.4.1 Official Server - GTA3 - Wojjie Networks|218ms|

    MTA [LCG] clan server ::!|136ms|

    PARTYSERVER Gta3|207ms|

    Skull Breakers-RPG- GTA3 -Server.|250ms|

    VCA Public Deathmatch (GTA3)|242ms|

    here are some gta3 servers I listed in ASE

  5. Is the desagreement between 2 or 3 clans reason not to play in league?

    get over it guys you are behaving like 12 year'old sissies... either

    you guys solve your problems or just go and termite your clans because

    there won't ever be leagues (and in that case what is the fucking point

    of clan competition)

    :arrow: with or without vces/fku/ulk I think this league has to start

    and think about it quig if there wont be all those clans then who will

    be the clan ruining the league? thats right all the clans in conflict

    didn't signup

  6. ulk vces and others should think more about it, if they dont participate

    in leagues and stuff... clan competition will never evolve. no one

    garranties that it will run well, even in case that it doesnt the mistakes

    that were mad will be pointed out and resolved. so if you guys really

    like mta make an effort or else go fish :wink:

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