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  1. Wanna see me play you stupid cocks, the guy in the car on that first vid was Ray, i was just in that car filming, i don't even know how to cheat at this game... Ah well, since you all been so very kind, i might as well leave this noob forums, cause the only guys that are active here, are a bunch of cocksucking brainless dudes, who don't even know what they are talking about.... Ant another thing, i don't care if i'm not allowed to swear here, people like you break these rules by making other people swear here, bunch of motherfvcking can
  2. how about STFU, I DONT CHEAT YOU COCKSUCKERS, when do you people learn to read! The guy in the car at the beginning is not me driving, i don't even know how to fucking cheat to STFU
  3. Another question, when i play MTA and some1 is also a robber i don't see him in a robber costume...
  4. The music was wrongly chosen i know, you don't have to fvcking repeat is 20 times you stupid pricks And another thing, i am good at the 360, i land all of them, those were just a couple (2 on purpose for fun) If you can do better, i don't care, make ur own movie, this is my first time creating movies and stuff, so gimme a fvcking break.
  5. {DBC}Diaz is a cheater and a louzy admin, he kicks wrong players, warns for no reason and even bans people for no reason, also he cheats with Armor Hack, this guy deserves a ban for ever on all servers
  6. Another cheater, this guy uses speedhack: Yunkier
  7. Yeah, but they didn't hack here, i play with them alot and haven't see them hacking... But thanks for the replys And yeah, the music was bit wrong choice, i had some other idea's More movies will come!
  8. A player called None was cheating on a server, he did the Armor cheat, we shot him with all players (Deathmatch server) and still he didn't die... Server was: [NL] 100 Mbit Holyfluid server (MTA 0.4.1 Deathmatch)
  9. Just wanted to post in a new movie i created with some fellow MTA players! Also i want to apologize for the first one (Messaround Part 1) We didn't know that it was not allowed to post such movies! This one is 100% legal and we hope you will like it! Grab it here!
  10. Hello all MTA players and fans! Let me introduce myself and my filming crew first! My name is Gerben, i am 16 years old and i live in The Netherlands, together with who other dudes we created our own stunting team, in order to make some wicked movies of MTA, for example, to get more people playing this awesome mod and offcourse for the fun! My crew exists out of 3 people: Gurbezz Ray EvilKnievel Me and EvilKnievel will do the filming, although i will do it most of the times and Ray is one of our best stunters in the team. The team is not very big at the moment, but if we need more peopl
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