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  1. Well, I am gonna try to play more now, but last time I looked at All Seeing Eye, none of the GTA3 servers had any players in.
  2. Very nice video Hopefully this will make GTA3 a more attractive game, as not many people are playing it nowadays. And as Rebel said, you gotta love where I knock him off the roof
  3. Lips106

    Dodo Mod?

    Why would you need to make the Dodo even easier to fly? It's not exactly rocket science to fly it
  4. Make it a WMV, mucho smaller filesize still keeps good quality also.
  5. I get 30 fps while recording with fraps, and I'm alright at editing So, when I get some spare time, I might have a jab at it.
  6. I have made an intro for the site, check it out at http://dodokillers.letzebuerg.org/ sorry for kind of long load Any comments?
  7. Yes sir! I'm always around on Friday nights anyway...
  8. I'll be on hand if you need me as a backup
  9. Ok, welcome to a new member that I recruited today, his name, [DK]Narot. He managed to kill me and Mike in a shotgun duel and he can also fly a dodo; just the man for the job
  10. Welcome Scorp, was good fun before Glad to have you with us, another great addition to DK.
  11. I joined late, sorry But i actually died more times than I killed someone, so I think i made us worse. Hats off to rebel thought, who was able to take 2 TFs on his own and still come out on top Good job DK, another turf in the bag
  12. He left because he was too laggy, something like 400 ping minimal Hehe, that dice may have been the deciding point of the match, mike is good, but beating Loendal with 100 health to spare ain't bad
  13. Mike where did you go last nite? You missed the turfwar, but luckily Iggy showed up just in time.
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