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  1. lol... Shift_Me Known Cheater lmao.....
  2. well not BIG advantages but little and the load game screen woukld come up...
  3. thats what i do.. they say no.. or ignore me.....
  4. i was thinking mta woukld load off your game stats in single.... like u know how in the beggining u only get 100 life and 100 armor but in 100% complete u get 200 200... well before the game starts there should be a game load screen like in single that adds SOME of your stats you have in single like the life and armor and maybe if they have 100% completion dont make there ammo infinate but instead just give them a little more then others when they find a gun (for example a 5% completed user will get the normal ammount of ammo given in the gun when u find it.. like 20 but if the user has 100% c
  5. ...........How the hell can i get people to fucking join CA?...... :-/ ..............i need members.... i dont know.....
  6. ... I just got done helping D2@ with a War agenst CE...Was the worst unorginised war yet... my Former Co Leader (RVDVIT) left.. and i was beeing chased by stubby noobs.. 2..welll anyway... im getting rid of all mym mbembers eccept RVD and lowering rvd to member.. so i got one member.. and me.. i need help..... Any clan that is not recruiting but finds a member that wants to join you please send him my way.... or anyone that wants to join msn msg me... Thanks Matrex
  7. .....im not rdy for a gange war.. 4 members and only one of them relly participates.. ad he also sucks
  8. ... it seems like all the good players are taken.... I need a Good, Reliable, Non noobish, Non fagish, Player to join CA....in game im finding all these sucky high ping noobs.... someone please... You wont regret it
  9. ..it is assassins.. sry.. n thanks.. lol
  10. ... Ca Join Alliances with D2@... .... lol
  11. First ide like to say my name is MatreX.. I couldnt register another name.. wasnt getting the email :-/ Well anyway... im starting a new clan called CA (Covert Assassins). Really its me and RvDVit who is starting it... The site is http://www.xar-inc.com/ca/ and forums are on the site also... To apply simply go to the forums (http://www.xar-inc.com/ca/Forums/) and click the Join CA.. or Join Us.. w/e lol
  12. .. Im looking to stgart a clan with someone......... EMail and MSN s/n is matrex@xar-inc.com
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