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  1. Braddock

    mac os x

    Ok here are the instructions. 1. Goto a computer store, hell a thrift store, Vicy City runs on anything. 2. Buy a real computer. 3. Using the Game Disk, Install Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. 4. Install MTA. 5. Donate Macintrash to retirement home/safe injection center/communist party/Municipal Landfill. 6. Play MTA.
  2. I welcome the challenge. After all if it weren't for CE, there wouldnt even be an XE.
  3. Hey hey, just thought I'd drop another line saying 1) Its Braddock, not Bardock, not Bradlock. The name is from Battlezone 2. 2) CE is still around, stronger than it ever was here. 3) I hope GTA Multi is still doing well. 4) If anyone here has giving me a "beating", perhaps they should give their names. Not that it matters now 5) CE never got along with SB as we disagreed with their admin abuse, and endless trashtalking about every other clan. 6) My opinion is in fact the correct one. See correct: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/correct 7) CE is looking for members for an assort
  4. Wow, people remember me? I moved to to HALO and run a 60 man clan now. Good luck with gta multi, its dead Adios former amigos .
  5. (If you dont remember me, your not important and i dont give a shit what u gotta say.) Attn. all my fellow MTA Vets. I had no idea people still played this. CE moved into Halo and VCMP.(NOT SAMP, THAT SYNCH IS TERRABLE!!!!) Anyways wanted to say hi and hoping to hear back from y'all. Im mostly extending this hello to the KFC(Killed with a Fu*king Car), they were always good guys. I hope Jani responds. BTW, Vice City is an awesome game to play mutli in, i personally prefer it over San Andreas. If MTA could make their synch as good as vcmp, cept with a server browser and custom servers, that
  6. Braddock

    Canadian Clans

    haha, u jsut called yourtself a noob
  7. Braddock

    Canadian Clans

    FUCK U BRADDOCK, YOUR ENGLISH SUCKS AND YOUR INSULTS SUCK, im using the term insults loosely because ive seen cenile old people insult their supper better than u could ever insult a noob
  8. Braddock

    Canadian Clans

    stfu braddock. oh and yes we were gunna. but guess what clan isnt responding to the chalenge. give ya a hint starts with an F and isnt CE im waiting for an Fukin krazy Unactive clansman to talk to me about the war cough*ULK IS DEAD*cough
  9. Braddock

    Canadian Clans

    when we miss while taking a piss at night in north america, it rains in england
  10. Braddock


    the problem has been sorted and hellzone will never cheat in a public server again(no, he isnt dead....yet.)
  11. Braddock

    MTA Allstars (A)

    they should not have touched any of the weapons range of stubby and throwables=size of SB killers gf's dick here is a tip to all your noobs tha cant fight against "Stubby/nade whores" .....keep you're fucKING DISTANCE! or leave mta, dont bitch at the MTA team. look, now they took t seriously and fucked mtavc 0.5 deathmatch, and its not their fault, they were trying to make it fair for everybody. so stfu ya dumb nubs. you dont have any bitching rights. go away.
  12. check this bullshit!! from killers ass to your forums oh 1 more this, how is saying "Glitching is taking advantage " admitting that ce glitches, it isnt, not to mention he cut 1/2 that sentence off.
  13. Braddock

    MTA Allstars (A)

    its an honorary clan, if u dont like the idea, stfu and dont join it. its that simple.
  14. right back at ya buddy loves to flame
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