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  1. i forgot to metion the problem i have us in the getElementPostion it says badargument.
  2. So i have i little problem with this trying to play a sound when the car starts and im using playSound3D so nott everyone on the server hears the sound only the close by players. Server side function car ( playerInCar ) vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( playerInCar ) seat = getPedOccupiedVehicleSeat ( playerInCar ) eState = getVehicleEngineState ( vehicle ) --local a,b,c = getElementPosition ( vehicle ) if ( vehicle ) then if ( seat == 0 ) then if ( eState == true ) then setVehicleEngineState ( vehicle, false ) else setTimer ( setVehicleEngineState, 2000, 1, vehicle, true ) --posi =
  3. why dont you take a look at the wiki first then try to make a script and if it does not work then come here to ask for help or on mirc, thats what we do or at least me haha
  4. there is like thousands of treads like this no one is going to do it just learn lua its not that hard.
  5. new question : http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... =a#p293076
  6. thanks I'm learning little by little.
  7. thanks for your help. new question ppl haha i know i ask a lot but i have to learn on way or another, http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... at#p293076 question number 6
  8. and is there a way that i compile the scripts with lua edit 5.1 and mta reads it cause i tried that way too and nothing, and i want it like compile client sides with lua edit, then change meta.xml myself i tried but not working
  9. ERROR; exception in resource C:\pathtoresource\resource\ (The system cannot find the file specified) i put this C:\pathtoresource\resource\ instead of the normal path just for the example here.
  10. new question http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... 76#p293076 someone????
  11. ok to make more easy cause i saw the wiki examples and it was not what i needed but i really apreciate the help, so here's my code function PlayerDied ( ) local x = 2034.3935546875 local y = -1402.564453125 local z = 17.296909332275 local r = 202.57781982422 setTimer ( spawnPlayer, 60000, 1, source, x, y, z, r ) --spawn player after 1 minute in the hospital -- i want the code below just to show to the guy who died and in some color outputChatBox ( "Has sido gravemente herido si en 10 minutos no se presenta un
  12. ok for those guys saying that this does not work on vista is a problem on your machine im usng vista and never had problem with the editor even before this guide was made, so if this guide does not help you please make sure your pc is up to date and if your pc give any error that you dont know what that error is just goggle it please.
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