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  1. Or at least a mod that says cars have like, 20 passenger slots i would think too many ppl would make their game crash
  2. this would be what we call a mod and someone already made it its a weapon.scm mod
  3. im liking this garage idea but if its not in blue i dont really care ya know
  4. so u knew about a little group called mta b4 they made it? i think thats what anthrax means by it not makin any sense
  5. no they do use pretty cheap material...BUT if u play alot of dvd's then thats bad for it....cuz the reader is crap
  6. yeah after it comes out for comp start o next year....jes get it for ps2 first......i love the ps2 controller
  7. well i wouldnt think that that would have to be a game mode, would it?
  8. well it looks like the guy from 3 so i was jes makin sure but it seems that the mods didnt want me to have it answered.....thnx for answerin me
  9. QUIT DELETING THIS I JES WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE MAP IS FOR GOD!!!!!!! for gta 3 or vice city????
  10. i didnt even know they had mta b4 i got vc and when i got it i think you guys had 3.0 or sumthin
  11. i see well i wuz tlkin bout vc cuz its a little more popular
  12. so ur sayin none had the game till they released mta cuz thats what it sounds like
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