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  1. you mean Cool is The Night?
  2. welcome to the new lads
  3. just for asking, why can't we (all dutch speaking people) team up in one team because Belgium hasn't got one...
  4. it seems like the team Belgium is in doesn't excist anymore. Anyone want to start a new one, if anyone does I'd like to be in it...
  5. like many others think: 0.5 STUNT MODE pwns one small problem: when i'm sitting in a car (with nitro in it) and i'am typing ingame, i often press rshift. Then shit happens: the nitro goes off... i think the controls for car may not work when ur chatting, i hope this can be changed in an other version (0.5.1?)
  6. well i hope AfK will stay longer then my other clans [AkF] pwns j00 [AkF]Seppe
  7. VCES>Seppe

    AK47 Clan

    lo panth late reaction
  8. VCES>Seppe

    AK47 Clan

    just wanne say hello to AK47 AK47>Seppe
  9. it was a nice match i heard wasn't there for the first round
  10. next time? does the clans who are in it now, will be deleted after this? or they stay and other clans can join too?
  11. if you search an other spectator or admin i'm ur man (i can speak dutch, english, french) lol if you need me just post (btw i'm admin of mtazone maybe you know it? )
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