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  1. him


    Yes! I'm sure!
  2. him


    Na... Just move it.
  3. thank you for your insights A Soldier... I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel that it contained some truly deep thoughts.
  4. don't want to use my 'me' account... when I switch back to my regular comp, I'll lose all record of posts I haven't read yet
  5. hmm.. just looking over the spelling on the site... Before we let u enter our forums. There are some rules u need to know. Use the search function instead of imidiatly starting a new topic Do not ask for release date : it is done when it is done Keep it in English If we need beta testers we will let u know If u have agreed to the above, click here, otherwise, click the back button in ur browser! Correctly: Before we let you enter our forums, there are some rules you need to know.(maybe use ':' instead of a period) Use the search function instead of immediately starting a new topic
  6. nice! 2000 posts! congrats xerox just wondering though.. are you going to have a mid-forum crisis at 4000?
  7. alright, I'm not back... yet, but I do have a computer for the next 20 mins xerox! you hit 2000! yes! still at 4th in posts! hmm... gone for so short a time, and so much has changed. *snif* little MTA is all grown up
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