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  1. i think its not a good idea that u allow mods , coz then every1s gonna be CHEATING using crappy trainers and crap and using very fast cars so it was good that ppl couldnt use mods that way there was no cheating mayby u could do it tht the ppl who choose to run severs can allow or disable the use of mods
  2. ok sos about all this confusion but i must remind every1 i havent edited any thing all i did was rename the file coz thats what i thought u had to do so any1 got any idea y my problem is occuring
  3. oh so that script that uve made oli is supposed to be left saved as mtama.mrc but then when im loading the mtama for the first time in mirc when i have to put this script in //load -rs $+(",$$sfile(*.mrc,Select your mta.mrc),") which file do i link it to ur mtama.mrc
  4. sorry about this ppl but can some1 help me with the new script v1.72 this is my problem when ever 1 run the script and try updating or tring the command button on mirc it says * /update: not connected to server (line 932, advanced.mrc) when ive clicked update * /dialog: 'commands' invalid table, in 'text' (line 936, advanced.mrc) when ive clicked comands does any1 have any idea y
  5. thank you very much fmj and other ppl how have helped me i got it to work it was coz of that ini file i wrote some spazy username that i couldnt remember but i just chnaged it thanks again
  6. ok sorry about all this confusion ok if u want to see a screen shot of my errors plz visit this site http://www.freewebs.com/badboyzradio/ and thanks for replying
  7. Harry mirc runs fine and doesnt have 1 error, i am able to see which parts of the script work coz i have tested this, and i noticed that all or most the commands that the player can do works fine but then when i try any of the admin commands like !sun or etc. it never works there seems to be a problem with my script or im doin something wrong ps i also tried this on my mates server and that does the same thing and he is quite clever i would say at scripts and he carnt find the problem aswell, i know that when u first run the script u are asked for a admin username and password which i filled
  8. i am sorry for any confusion but thats what i have fmj i have 3.07 plz reply
  9. Harry my server is 0.4.1 and mtama2004 seems to be able to connect fine with the server or is this the reason im not deteacted as a admin coz im using the mtama2004 thanxs for ur reply
  10. sorry about this i know ive already posted this but im gonna exlain in more detail could some1 plz help i have got mIRC and MTAmA2004 installed all of the latest versions available, and i am able to run the scripts fine in the MTAmA achieve like i am able to run the manhunt script but i have overcome many problems with the MTAmA Script v1.53 Config, these problems include stuff like when i try running admin functions like !sun using MTAmA admin nothing happens and when i connect to my server with mta client (still with MTAmA running me as admin) and try !admin it says that there are no admins
  11. can some1 plz help me ive got the new MTA:mA All Purpose Script & Readme v1.53 ive got mIRC and mtama2004 installed but i have come across many probalems like when i load the script and try the admin fuctions like !sun they never work my mate said to me that i have to register to be a admin but i own the server and when i connected throught admin via mtama2004 and try !admin it says there are no current admins on plzh help some1 via forum or msn mines badboy_racer@hotmail.com
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