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  1. I can deal with the car whores... what I can't stand are those punks in helicopters swooping in and chopping you up in the blades. You can somewhat run from a car... you can't do shit about the helicopters aside from maybe capping off a few shots into it before you die.
  2. The MTA team must be some dedicated people. How do they maintain the entire project without any profit at all? Well... very little profit. I hope they don't get in a financial bind down the road... it would be a real shame to lose the project to damn money situations. I'm sure if that were ever an issue, they would turn to their followers. I for one wouldn't hesitate to donate some cash to the project, but then again, I guess that would be violating the GTA EULA. Oh well... at any rate, I wish the best for the MTA team and hope to see future versions of MTA come to life.
  3. My game crashes often, but I'd have to say I've only received the error message you guys are mentioning a total of maybe 1 time. Most of the time, I don't get an error message at all (at least not that I can see). Most of the time when I crash, I'm still connected to the server and everything, it's just that I have to restart the game. In short, I just wanted to be one of those people to inform everyone that for some people, this doesn't seem to be a problem.
  4. Wow... I'm going to have to check out GTA3 online. There is no money or options to buy weapons in MTA:VC which I was kind of disappointed with. But hey... if GTA3 has that ability, I'll just go check it out instead of playing Vice City all the time. I haven't played GTA3 in such a long time anyway... it'd be fun to go back and get the feel for it again.
  5. I've got one save game that I cheat on and a seperate saved game that I keep "clean" by not cheating at all. This way I can have my cake and eat it too!
  6. Oh, well that's just lovely... I had a feeling my drive-by didn't work since it never seemed to take anyone's energy or hurt other cars. That's a shame... it should really be implemented. It might have already been implemented in the new core I've been hearing about. But to think I've been driving around shooting and wasting all that ammo..
  7. Awesome! "Down the road" is a hell of a lot better than "not possible". Even if it is an entire different mod, you know everyone would be playing it. The more GTA online, the better. Rock on, guys.
  8. It would be awesome if the development team could implement the ability for passengers to be able to shoot while riding. The driver can, but the passenger just has to sit there. I'm sure there are several other people that think this would be a great thing to implement.
  9. I had heard rumors about multiplayer GTA III a year or two ago and was hoping they were true. A friend at work was talking about Vice City online one day just a week ago, and told me that it's real and available right now. I thought he just didn't know what he was talking about, or misunderstood something, but he sent me the link to this site to show me. It was a dream come true... multiplayer GTA Vice City. I went home and downloaded the client.exe that night, got the All Seeing Eye, found a server, and was instantly addicted like it was crack cocaine. The First Time Users Guide was straight
  10. I've never heard of that problem before until now. It's never happened to me before... I've had the problem where my message doesn't echo back to me, though. But not being able to even type letters into the chat box must suck even worse. Hope you get it fixed.
  11. What kind of connection are you on? It's a firewall/router, or your connection...
  12. I think shop-running bots, or pedestrian bots would be okay, but all-out gang/war bots that come up and blow you away is a bad idea. Bots are fine, just use them in the right ways. Make them run shops so robbers can rob them, or have them drive taxis that we can flag down and get a ride from.
  13. † T-Rex †

    What we do

    No, the developers of MTA are Gods. Creating Vice City to be played online was a dream/wish of mine before I even knew Multi Theft Auto existed. If there is anything I can do to help contribute and keep the development coming, I will surely do so. I've hardly ever donated for any causes, but this one... I have to say it's such an interest of mine that I would actually donate some cash. Where can this be done and I will do it. To keep MTA alive, I would donate my soul! The developers of this mod are Gods. Enough said. I bow down to the MTA Gods in thanks and admiration!
  14. Obviously a Counter-Strike player. Pretty good game, but I'd rather play Team Fortress Classic, Day of Defeat, or even better, MultiTheft Auto!
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