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  1. btw the reson i wanted to know this is becuz i willown a dedicated server soon and porbelygona sel game servers sojust wanted to know how much well isella 26 players game.
  2. tnx. sorry for not reaplying i was very bissy lately.
  3. i wanna know how much bandwidth does a MTA player uses ...will playing .. in 0.4.1 tnx
  4. i seached the forum and didnt find any thing about MTA:Blue's max players. any body have a clow about the max player in Blue?
  5. UA*TheJackal asked me to make this post. I am here to let ALL MTA-VC users that the UA server has cleared the BAN list to let all people back in for a second chance. Clan leader and I understand that there were some serious issues about clan members banning people for stupid and false reasons. Clearing the ban lists, UA*TheJackal and myself welcome back EVERYONE and all new visitors to come and hang out in our official clan server. port: 2005 Clan leader UA*TheJackal sincerely apologizes for those of you who were kicked and banned. We know who was causing the problem and w
  6. i have every rights to post a therd about my clan in the forum u have no right to delete it just like that it took me time to right that therd and i want to know who delete it and why!
  7. I don't normally do this by logging in to report to these forums, but when i saw some of the posts about my clan UA i was kind of disappointed. I know that there is the he said, she said BS all the time, but think about it....this online gaming program isn't perfect....things aren't always what they seem. I'm not going to argue any of the posts I've read from TmM, ULK, ect. Obviously new clans aren't going to be liked, but that is just because everyone has a huge set of cahones online . Am I right? Anyways, i just have a suggestion which doesn't really matter as how it is followed except
  8. it's under construction but this is the url http://www.vcd-mta.tk
  9. Welcome. iwas away for some time but i'm back know any i'm here to stay :] anyways i'm looking for some members to help me biuld this new gang. more info at msn: vcd16@hotmail.com comeing soon: http://www.VCD-Clan.com
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