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    Create a map.

    Post removed... LOL
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    Hahahaha omg that so rocks!!! I do that all the time, but now it actually makes sense to do that!
  3. Ooooh coooool! That's great to hear! I haven't been playing MTA for a while now, cuz I'm really really really busy, but anywayz... I'll certainly be back for some more fun and action lol... at Simbad's
  4. Well, these things are possible The Sinbad de Zeeman freeroam server uses logins and well, the custom skins are saved, so that's pretty neat Last time I checked, stats weren't saved, so you only have to boost your muscles and stamina and stuff every time you join the server or respawn
  5. Tubbie


    I was just wondering... what kind of bots you mean? Just some dm bots? Cuz I think ped functions won't really help you... peds will be peds. I think it might be cool to include some extra MTA specific functions with which you can create a player (just like a player is created during logon to the game) and with which you can control the player. You actually have to code its whole behaviour then, but that shouldn't matter Just implement some appropriate machine learning algorithms for things like walking and driving and knowing when to take cover and stuff. Well, I don't really know actually if this isn't possible with peds... but my guess is it isn't since in the game they just walk around well ofcourse, if you just want gamepeds, I guess you just have to wait for the peds functionality to be included. If you really want nasty little bots, I guess it's up to you to do some ingenious stuff with the peds or you maybe have to wait for the MTA team to include some useful functions for player creation and control
  6. Tubbie


    Lol dunno, but would be nice You can always just code some gigolo's using ped functions and stuff Perhaps you could use a purple limo as shag mobile, for him and her. Or even the magic naughty school girls bus
  7. Tubbie


    Haha cool! By the way, you remember me of the old skool GTA2 saying "No donation, noooooooooo salvation" Hookers should get paid ofcourse By the way... who's Mark Dixie?
  8. Tubbie


    ... ahhh well that was a joke! I'm sorry if you got me wrong, guess I have a strange sense of humour. Anywayz, my point is that hookers are a fun way of getting HP and you can solve problems like being shot at while doing the adult only thingy... is by using the hooker as some sort of human shield. That's all Gosh
  9. Tubbie


    Well.. why would that be the case? Hookers already are included I would even consider it discriminating if they are not included LOL What's wrong with a nice hooker and a good shag? It will definately fill CJ's health bar... perhaps you should make it possible to shoot while you're rocking your car ghehe... a real gangsta always knows when to pop his enemies... even when he's busy doing errrrr... things
  10. Tubbie


    Well, you can use her as a human shield Ladies first! Corpse humping is also an option, but it's not that satisfying
  11. Hmm... you guys were talking about some annoying cheater who keeps returning after serial banning him. Well, it might be the case he's running MTA from a virtual pc. Don't know if that makes a difference, but if you ask me, you can just start another session, install MTA and off you go Or is this a stupid idea? LOL
  12. Errrr... I don't remember I needed a cd key well, in case you can't read your legally bought cd box, you can always try google for a serial... or just go to gamecopyworld
  13. Ahhh okay, I understand it. Well, you've got a point then. Hmmm, when you look at it that way, it definately sucks LOL. I always go to a 24/7 freeroam server and I didn't know people were voting for freeroam on other servers. Damn, that's nasty! Well, you can't blame them for choosing the quality of MTA above all other mods. Let's just hope things will get right if a new release is out. Can't wait for the peds, LOL. I guess you can create awesome gamemodes. Imagine creating human shields with peds!!!
  14. You know... your problem basically is you can't stand people freeroaming instead of playing games with rules like DM. You're the guy who's screaming on the soccer field "Come on guys let's play some ball!" and no one even bothers to answer. They're just running around and tryna put on their ugliest faces and show them off to eachother. They laugh and then try to cheat with their supersupersupersoaker. They whine no weapons are allowed. Slappers only! And then you say "Come on this is not fun anymore, this field is meant for playing soccer and everyone who just messes around should go play somewhere else." Then everyone dissapears and you will be alone. The reason freeroam is so popular, is that there are no gamemodes the big crowd really likes. Freeroam is the mode that fits all needs. Well ofcourse, it can be improved. That's why the MTA added the scripting possibilities. You are just whining no one plays your favorite gamemode. MTA is not made for the DM gamemode. It is made for any gamemode, also freeroam. I guess you just have to wait for people to develop cool gamemodes which you also like. Let's all eat a cake made out of rainbows and smiles and be happy
  15. Well.. I'm working on a flying resource LOL. Driving 2 cars would be fun - ignoring sarcasm - but freeroam basically is DM without rules. DM is just a stripped down version of freeroam. When I was talking about developing possibilities I was not talking just about freeroam, by the way... I just meant MTA in general. You can do loads of things for freeroam as well as for other gamemodes. Or you can develop your own gamemode. Oh, and as our little crazy guy said:
  16. LOL dragon... I already answered your question I'm a fulltime freeroamer and I'm just loyal to MTA and did not ever install any other mods, just because MTA is quality. And also, the developing possibilities are awesome there you go Hmm, but anyways, I was expecting a lot more DM gamers as well, thought I was the only one not really liking DM... sometimes things don't work out like you expect right?
  17. Tubbie


    What's the nicest way of getting your HP back? Yeah, you can just die and respawn, but think about single player. You know, that pretty lady with the 2 nice polygon lumps on the front who gets your car bouncing. Yeah, that's right... the hooker! Would be nice to implement hookers when introducing NPCs
  18. Hmm true... if I wanna play a shooter, I boot up good ol' SoF II or Battlefield 2142 ghehe... at least they are actually made for that kind of game play. MTA is cool and stuff, with a pretty nice imitation of shooters, but it still has to have that GTA feel -XII-Wacko is talking about. GTA multiplayer is, in my opinion, cruising around and messing things up, occasionally shooting at others. I mean, in single player I also don't even shoot a lot of peds... yeah, the drug dealers to get my dough and I bash hookers, and ppl who talk bad to me, but that's it. When I wanna play MTA, I just want to cruise around just like in single player, but then with a lot of friends and ppl who just wanna mess around too! Oh, and no, I don't mean cheating LOL. It is fun to punish people in freeroam though... keeps you occupied But anyway, when I see MTA's DM game mode, I think well okay, so this is GTA, but then totally restricted and with some text and menu-overlays. I don't see DM and stuff as GTA, I see it as a spare time project to create a multiplayer shooter using the GTA engine. You know, these game modes are soooo restricted (which is obviously their goal LOL), but GTA is not. That's why freeroam is popular I guess. It still has the freedom of single player GTA. Hmm.. I think I'm not the only one thinking this way, checking the server stats. All freeroam People just want to play GTA, but then with friends. Why was I waiting for MTA and didn't I just download SA-MP? Well, because I'm loyal to MTA and I've been playing MTA for quite a while now, so I figured it was worth the wait. And it was. When I've got some more spare time, imma develop game modes or other resources. I think the team did a great job in making it accesible to developers. Oh and one more thing... it's damn stable!
  19. And ofcourse, each sub-gamemode has its own aims........... I prefer to see freeroam as some sort of lobby where you can hang out and stuff and mess around, doing pointless funny things just to relax. Mini-games or even deathmatch areas in a freeroam map are cool and have their own aims so... I don't see the problem LOL
  20. Hm... I still don't get it to work, aw well... I think updating the bind scripts would be best Why is multi bind disabled by default? Don't see why it could or would be a problem
  21. LOL Frank I see you've been active on the forums yesterday, but... I'm just curious... does my script work? Please let me know
  22. Omg, that really is one nice proposal with the kill/don't kill option Ransom I'd like to see this kind of ideas implemented.
  23. Tubbie

    Invalid Serial Number?

    Hmm okay, try again maybe... cuz it should be working right now good luck mate!
  24. Tubbie

    Invalid Serial Number?

    He said he found one... LOL anyway, I guess this is what he found. But errm.. if you've just installed it, you temporarily cannot obtain a serial so you just have to wait sorry!
  25. Tubbie

    Countdown script!

    Hmm oh yes... so you cant give any parameters... that's annoying but anyway, I don't think it got called infinite times cuz when it reaches 0, it just puts something in the chat and there is no recursive call anymore LOL By the way, how can you create ! commands? Cuz this script creates a / command Oh.. wait... I see what you mean with infinite... it's the 0 you replaced with a 1 right? LOLLLL nevermind
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