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  1. Either that.. or open port 2003 on your firewall.
  2. Kodak

    Going Insane

    I'm no specialist at this at all, but have you tried it with default or very low settings in VC? Like graphics etc. Might help... might not. Good luck anyhow, because I know how much it bites when you're not able to play.
  3. I do have a firewall, the port I need is open and as I said in the original post it used to work perfectly. My internet is a 8Mbit connection.
  4. Ohh, yeah looks like german translated by babelfish. Nifty.
  5. Oh yeah.. right. I was thinking about those numbers too actually.
  6. I don't believe it can be set to something else than 'the correct version' other than GTAIII.
  7. Hmm, well it's not that, since we all updated it at the same time and it doesn't give them any "Invalid version" errors.
  8. When I create a server and my friends try to join they keep timing out. I have the correct port open etc. obviously. The problem is, it started doing this ever since version 0.4.1, before this, it worked perfectly. I wonder, has anything been changed in 0.4.1 that somehow makes players time out? And yes.. I know about this.. I did search a bit and so did my friend without luck.. I'm sorry I'm too lazy to continue looking. Anyhow.. does anyone know whats wrong? I tried reinstalling it, using default config etc. Doesn't seem to work. Edit: Oh.. and I did read somewhere about ASE having to
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