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  1. I would want all of SA instead of a limited area. I play SA-MP atm because of the DM, but it is annoying to be on a roadtrip with friends and crash on chilliad, only to run all the way to LV.
  2. h4x0r!11!11!!1I Naw, thats amazing, got a replay.rep file for us? I'm wondering how you did it.
  3. It was 8 days. With that version they also fixed some crash bugs as well as fixing the main bandwidth problem. It was very impressive that they did it in such a short time (it seemed like much longer at the time though ). I though it was like 2 hours .
  4. Yeah, people often don't understand the difficulty of software development. You get it working with no problems on your test machines and then it completely screws up on someone else's due to the infinite hardware and software combinations possible. Either that or you overestimate the intelligence and common sense of your target audience. Yeah, it seems that most people out there think that you can just make a gigantic program/mod (in this case MTA) in no time, and if it crashes every once in a while, has bugs, or just a few glitches after months of hard work, it sucks. Some people are ver
  5. Go read at the 0.5 dedicated web site.
  6. Im 100% sure it is increased. I was amazed when shooting a cop t´with the m4 and he shot me.
  7. When 0.4 was released it took them 5 hours .
  8. Im sure everyone here is dying to know where you heard about 5.0. You know it's 0.5, there's a big difference, 0.x is beta/alpha stage and x.0 are "final" releases.
  9. /me thinks your a moron. Blue is unplayable at this time. They said so over @ blue forum.
  10. My friend was told by God that MTA Blue is not released until flying cars have taken over the world Come on, dont believe rumors. Just play .41 untill 0.5 is out, it doesnt have THAT many new features, eh?
  11. Excactly . I got it because of a bug in Paint Shop Pro once.
  12. Yeah. but htere are little programs that unlock all locked buttons in windows, that way you can make a join flood without a hacked client.
  13. I LOVE YOU!! I have had this problem for 6 months, and now you fixed it!! Thank you..
  14. er, its not even out yet. No, but you can see the features. They include no jumping while having stubby shotgun out and no jumping with nades, so the stubby and nade lamers will have a harder time laming on servers. I also would like to say thank you, to the MTA team, for putting theyre time in this project, and being the first ones to make online-gaming availible for GTA3 and GTA:Vice City. Also i would like to thank, all the people who have helped them, and the moderators at this board for keeping it nice and clean. Morgage
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