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  1. We have released a new and final forum if you plan on playing upon release or helping out please register at
  2. Since the forums are not setup fully i suggest adding to discuss a scripting position or any questions.
  3. Trinity Roleplay A new breed of roleplay Information Before you go on with reading realize this is a real life roleplay server much like those on sa-mp(LS-RP great example of the roleplay we expect). If you have never experienced real life roleplay before please don't bother applying. Trinity Roleplay plans on bringing a hole new breed of roleplay to MTA:SA DM and to do so we need to get outstanding scripts along with an great admin team. If you feel you can amount to the level of scripting and roleplay required please visit ... c,2.0.html to apply. -- Current Positions open for applying Scripter Please realize you need an outstanding skill level in LUA Scripting in order to help script an rl-rp gamemode. -- More positions soon to come Realize the forums are new so all planned people that are to take part in this have not registered only myself. The forums are not for use besides applications at the moment, more will open up momentarily. You will also need to understand English fully and speak it fluently. Thanks for reading and stay updated.