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  1. Ok a brief outline is i have created a radio station for gamers in general but open too all. I has started off very popular. We have had most listeners through counter strike source. We have a sytem setup in that game where as they can type "radio" ingame and a webshortcut opens a external player so that players from public servers can listen to the radio station whilst ingame. We will be doing interviews with mod creators, clans, leagues, server providers etc etc. Then streaming them on air for all to listen too. Support for the station has been great upto now but more would be great. we have
  2. WINNER - kev from UVA clan challenge him next week by doing the same and e-mailing first, this time head to head question with kev to see who wins. The radio is up all the time now please listen in. We will have a online website request service going up soon and a script written for the MIRC channel.
  3. sure a moderator will give there views if theres a problem but i can't see i am doing anything wrong.
  4. RADIO now live LISTEN and join irc to win the prize
  5. yes then you can defend to keep the server the week after in a head to head with the first person who e-mails the weeks after
  6. no it will be on from 7pm and be on all the time then. To win the server people need to be in the irc channel as well.
  7. Ok to launch TLR RADIO we will be hosting a competetion where the first person to e-mail on friday night to chree_reilly@hotmail.com at the cue to e-mail which will be annouced anytime on the night. You have to be in the irc channal #tlr.clan on quakenet.The prize is a 16 man mta or rumble server for 1 week. You can defend the server the week after in a head to head question with another person who e-mails in first the week after. you can connect to the radio . The Radio will go live from 7pm and the are 30 slots. Through out the night you can request songs via irc channel
  8. def think its worth it. Even if its just a section like challenge us and general discussion(english version) or something like that. I got 40+ dutch members in my clan to help me read whats writtem but not all people have lol
  9. nice site lads and very nicely organised. very impressed, just a small thing. Most clans, teams and players in mta community speak and read english so to have a dutch site and only dutch site might be a down fall in 1 way as people can't read the site. I know the clan is just dutch people which id fair enough but for organising clan wars and general discussion might be good to have a forum section or even the site to have a option to view in english as well.
  10. We have a few up and coming events we will be hosting a 1v1 tournament. The prize will be the use of a mta server for 1 week as the competition will be once a week the server is yours if you keep winning over and over but if you loose the week after it gets handed to the next winning. Rules and more info will be posted at http://mta.tlr-clan.co.uk/ if you need anymore info or anything catch in in the irc channel on quakenet #tlr.clan.
  11. no problem tx, counter strike is great and iff anyother clan want a match (counter strike 1.6) msn me and we will be glad to pawn u. We do have a server so its not a problem for the match.
  12. The new TLR SITE is now up and running check it out. http://www.tlr-clan.co.uk Also have a radio now connect to it at just add this URL to media player or win amp. We have also come across a great new server company suppling cheap, reliable servers for the UK and europe. http://www.fr4g.co.uk, u can contact me if anyone is interested in servers, alternately post on the site.
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    ok I think this subject is closed, I ask that if anyone brings it up again in this thread they be dealt with by the mta team. Also gunny don't spam my thread u don't get any better rep or points for most posts.
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    ok well i think the evidence is there and i did what i had too.
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