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  1. hehe for my pc it isnt, i made it bigger, so it fits everyone.
  2. hehe site is up! http://rnk-clan.cjb.net/ if something doesnt open , right click and then open link in a new window.
  3. thanx for nice comments anyways we got a temporary server port 2003. We need people to join.
  4. no one wana join yet? Im almost done with the website, were also getting a temporary server, we can get a permanent one, btu we need more people to help pay. If anyone would help pay,we would put em on the website, and also give admin. RnK is a fun clan, we have common interests, we also have a girl in the clan , RnK.Chick. I would greatly apreaciate if someone would like to join the clan and pay for the server, i know that like noones wants to waste their money, but once we get a server our clan together will make something special, not just friends in game, but in life too maybe. You'l
  5. yah were trying to get that, but we cant have everythign in one day....
  6. oops can someone move this to the right section please?
  7. RnK Ride N Killin The clan was started yesterday, and so far we only have 5 members. Were trying to set up a temporary server, and maybe later on a permanent one, but for that we need people who r willing to help pay for the server. Were soon going to have a website for the clan. Were not looking for people with skills, were looking for people with good attitude. It would be really nice if you had a mic and a cable modem, but thats not really neccessary. Anyone willing to join RnK im me on aim: ANDNBA13 or email me at: ghettolt@gmail.com When You email or im me please
  8. um i set up a new server, but no one can join it when i run it, some say its because of my router? What can i do to make it work? Thanx
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