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  1. Nostromo for fps, ps joypad adapter for games like gta/mta, tony hawks, rollcage, football etc.
  2. Ok, will try to describe this as best I can as I've nowhere to host screenies (is there somewhere I could email one to if I make one later?). Basically its on the roof after the long steps near the fire station on the same island as the arena, many times I've tried to get enough speed to clear the little shed thats up there off the steps, no joy yet tho. While ur airborne or if u go to the left as u land u can see a little ramp (gta rather than mta type ramp) right behind the shed. In reply to Nosgoth: I mean actually on the roof where u land so u can jump the shed & get to the other ram
  3. Assuming u mean windows xp sp2, i have already installed it & have no probs at all.
  4. definitely gta-vc & not just mta?, if its just mta, may be a problem with the firewall or security center. I have both off & have no problems with vc or mta on sp2 here.
  5. My HD is partitioned, I was wanting to back up the OS on the primary partition to my logical partition, & be able to restore from the logical to the primary. I'm asking atm because I'm hoping to get a new system in the next few weeks, but it will only have 1 S-ATA hd to start with (but it will be partitioned) & want to practise on my old beat up system that I'm using now so I know wot I'm doing when I get my new machine. Thanks for all the help btw
  6. An exact image ideally, so that I can just restore from image like ghost was supposed to do. Basically I'd like to be able to reinstall my system in the minimum amount of time when something goes badly wrong - format & reinstall only take an hour, but remembering all the tweaks takes about a week or so . Ah just realised, I should have mentioned in my 1st post, its the drive with my OS on I want to back up.
  7. I'm looking for a good back up program atm, last time I checked (about 2 years ago) a lot of ppl rated norton ghost highly. I tried it but it meant having my main drive as fat32 at the time , I think that was with ghost 2003. I was already on ntfs with xp by then & still am, can anyone recommend a good program for use with just one (partitioned) hard drive?. I've tried checking the Norton site since, but as with all their products theyre very vague on the details of what it can or cant do.
  8. mtanoob


    Bought a 2nd hand copy of rollcage a little while back n been bugging my m8s to try it out over net, runs a little faster than i remember on the old playstation, but its damn good fun, very smooth & very fast on 2 512 dsl connections. I know psygnosis got swallowed up by sony , but I wonder why noone has tried to fill in the gap left by them, wipeout 2097 (runs too fast on modern pc's) & the 2 rollcage games were the best there was.
  9. The 2500 is supposed to be a good buy from wot I've heard (looking to upgrade in the next few weeks myself) can be oc'd to 3.0/3.2 speeds fairly easily apparently. For the mobo the nforce 2 chipsets are supposed to be better than the via ones (note I am not anti via I have a via mobo atm & its fine, if a little old). One thing I would check on is compatibility with ur graphics card best bet is to check forums of ur graphics card maker & the forums for the mobo ur looking at, this will usually tell u if theres problems. For myself I'm getting a MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR because I asked on t
  10. Make posty a moderator that'll shut him up
  11. Yup thats a common tweak, both your min & max size should be set to that (in my case 512x1.5 = 768 min & max ) to prevent windows resizing the page file on the fly. Oh & defrag after setting the page file size & check that the green block is only one piece.
  12. well I have had my page file on both a seperate partition & a seperate disc, I can safely say I've seen no difference at all in performance for any of the software I've used. In your case I would think it would actually slow your machine down as the IDE bus runs at the speed of the slowest drive attached, If you have a fairly modern drive as your main one it is probably at least ATA 100 or 133, the 1.5 gig will probably be ata 33 or 66 which would mean halfing or worse the speed of your current drive.
  13. are u running any mods? lyonuk's is a no mod server also were u banned for jacking or something?
  14. http://www.tweak3d.net/index.php http://www.tweakxp.com/ http://www.tweaktown.com/ those 3 sites have pretty good tweak info http://www.markusjansson.net/exp.html http://www.mvps.org/sramesh2k/Popups.htm these 2 sites have some pretty good security tips HTH
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