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  1. SOLVED!! Thanx to 50p, without him i could never repair that! I havent noticed that I have already function "startResource" in my script, because it was added many days ago
  2. OK, i have got the problem... its caused by ACL.xml Knows someone why when I add into admin group, it gives the rights to other gamemode but not for my own?
  3. thank you for helping... so I never edited acl, i am not sure i did it right. I have added this into acl.xml (while server off) <group name="Admin"> <acl name="Moderator" /> <acl name="SuperModerator" /> <acl name="Admin" /> <acl name="RPC" /> <object name="user.drifterCZ" /> <object name="resource.admin" /> <object name="resource.webadmin" /> [color=#FF0000][b] <object name="resource.dd" />[/b][/color] </group> (my gamemode is called "dd")
  4. hi all, i am trying to load an resource by script in my gamemode... script: local res = getResourceFromName ( "test" ) outputChatBox ( "resource found: " ..tostring ( res ) ) local load = startResource ( res ) outputChatBox ( "resourceStart: " ..tostring ( load ) ) BUT here is one problem... it didnt load. log: it dont write any error. I also have added my resource (the from which is this script) into ACL, in admin group when I start resource in MTAserver window by "start test" it normaly load. if I change the "startResource" function to "restartResource", and then load "test" by admin panel, it normally restart it Do you know where is the problem? If you need to know more, just ask. Thanks!
  5. thats bad... when I want to have one sentence with more colors? it will not match
  6. hello, is it possible to have multiple colors in one dxDrawText? something like "#FFFFFF text1 #FF0000 text2" but working? thanx
  7. I know, that's what am I talking about... but I think it still is on FTP... Admins? btw what is the reason for hide it from the website?
  8. hello... I am scripting own car DD/DM gamemode... that is without problems, slow, but fine... but I need some maps. I remember, that few years ago were many maps uploaded on MTA site. But now there is nothing. Had someone downloaded the maps, and still has it on pc? It was free, so I hope there isn't any problem with authors. And i saw those maps on many DD servers, so server owners must have it too... if you have any map, please send it here or at drifter@pawnobox.net ... I will be really grateful. If you send me more maps, we could talk about admin level on my server. Sorry, but i don't know any other way to get those maps. Thanx.
  9. it could be possible... but there isn't easier way?
  10. yes, i know. but the radar map is zooming and unzooming due to your actual speed. so its impossible to do it this way. thats the reason why am I asking here.
  11. hello, I made a script which adds markers to all vehicles. but here is one small problem. Its hard to explain. Blips may work the same way as shops in SinglePlayer. it shows only when they could be placed to a radar - when its on axis which is visible on the radar at that moment. Example on this picture I dont want to see the blip on radar but in this case i want it I hope its possible. please help me if you could. if you dont understand completely, just ask
  12. hello, i have one terrible question: is it possible to show just some part of image? for example: i have this: in my server folder, and i want to show just this: I haven't find any possibilities, so I am asking here. Thanks for answers
  13. and could you please tell me how was it works...? i don't need details, just basic things
  14. this sentence i dont understand, who did you mean as dev.? mta developers or normal mta mod scripters?
  15. i know, it must be .txd files, i have it, but i dont know the way to replace it in MTA...
  16. hello, is in MTA any possible way to replace the normal radar ( http://blog.superhero.fr/public/jeux/GT ... _carte.jpg ) with http://www.myepsilon.org/maps/gtasa_aerial_map.jpg or something another? I want that all players can see the replaced radar in bottom left on the screen. is that real? I have experience with replacing buildings models and textures, but i haven't any ID of the radar parts map. thankss for helping AND another question: is possible to have animated gif image showed on screen ? i have never tested it but i think it will stops freezed on first frame, its there any way to make it animated?
  17. thanks a lot, skiller now it works great
  18. hello, i am triing to show a page in browser via MTA server, but it still says "page not found." [url=][/url] meta.xml: <meta> <info autor = "unknown" type="gamemode" name="nevim"/> <script src = "main.lua" /> <script src = "client.lua" type="client" /> <script src = "weather.lua" type="client" /> <file src = "images/login.jpg" /> <html src = "test.html" raw="true" /> </meta> test.html: <html> <body> This resource is called... </body> <html> please say me what is wrong if u could... thanks
  19. thanks for help it probably work ok, but i cant move
  20. and if i want to show it to all players? calculating positions of cars from all players on each player pc? or is an eazilly way to sync it?
  21. sorry, but func. attachObjectToBone doesnt exist... how did they do this? its probably not timer with setting an position due to pos. of bones, so how to do that? thanks for reply
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