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  1. that does sound good but then u wouldnt know if they were human or cpu on ya map
  2. yes you are right it is a bug not cheating but it is funny.I was on a bike but on mikes screen it was a car i was in lol
  3. Look at this little video.Nice new bugs from mta lol http://tmm.duffbeer.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=863
  4. i never said a bad word against any of you i was there to just play a match.I had no problems accept that me n mike were on the roof shooting from the same height and we didnt take 1 bit of heath of you but you got us perfect.That was the only strange thing other than that everything was fine and you were all bitching at eachother.
  5. Well said mike its easy to judge but you should fucking try it yourself.Mike worked really hard on gang wars and he did a fucking good job of it.So give him some fucking credit man geez
  6. well post at our forums then please m8 and we will go from there cheers bud.the link is at the bottom of my post http://tmm.duffbeer.co.uk/index.php?s=9 ... howforum=7
  7. Yea that wouldnt be a bad idea oli you could whoop our candy asses again but when? uumm
  8. TmM-ROCKY

    MTA 0.4.1 Released

    Omg can you belive this guy
  9. Yea what a load of shit i played manhunt loads of times and it didnt make me go out and kill someone.The people who do this shit are all ready fucked up in the head and the law wants to know this.All us guys here who play games where you have to kill each other and steal cars and shit dont go out and do it for real.Thats the whole fucking point of having these so we can do the things are mind thinks of sometimes but dont atually get in trouble for it.When i am mad i get on vice city and start killing people and my anger goes but from now on mr lawyer i think i will get my girlfriend and kill
  10. Good luck guys in your new clan and when you are ready just post on TmM forums and we will give you a match cheers.
  11. TmM-ROCKY

    4way gang war

    I think TmM should be in the next one aswell if thats ok with you guys.We have been out of action for a while but we are back with force now
  12. TmM-ROCKY


    Looking good guys keep up the good work.OOOOOHHHHHH you swine's that is like the super teaser you showed us just enough to get the blood bubbling
  13. yes come on we want to get as much matches has we can handle.I f someone wants to challenge us please use the link provided at the bottom of my post so you can post on our forum's thanks
  14. I am a admin m8 if you were talking to me
  15. Ok that sounds cool oli.Get my msn of mike if you want to speak to me oli cheers m8
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