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  1. Sure I think some ppl could use it for there clansite
  2. bin_nordin


    Omg when can we expect the evolution ?
  3. I know but its funny . I was shooting at him and suddenly he fell in the water and that came up
  4. Found a cool way to kill: drowning Screenshot:
  5. Just a fun tdm server so ppl can play in gangs. U never heard of public tdm servers ? o_O
  6. Sounds cool. But they have to a tdm team
  7. Ok but Will there be servers that run this script and maybe mta will use it as an gamemode (I hope they do)
  8. Ok here are the banners I made: I also made 2 wallpapers well here they are cause dunno where to put them else so:
  9. Gamemode: TDM or Gang wars Would be fun if u would let us choose characters and then put those in gangs Kinda like vice city but then put the characters as teams. Another request: less laggy characters
  10. Can this come in a next version as a second mode for gta 3 cause me and a few ppl were waiting for this
  11. I hope they run this script on an official server for gta 3 sounds cool
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