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  1. Shh! Remove your topic! Don't suggest them to collect money. But seriously folks, I think that MTA's will stay free as long as they exist (at least I hope so).
  2. If you love MTA and Blue is going to be even better... You have to love it!
  3. No, no, no, don't remove the speedometer. It doesn't harm anyone and it's off by default.
  4. It's easy for you to speak. I also prelove Blue. "I'm not down, I'm feeling Blue."
  5. Hahahah! Nice one! But seriously folks, can't you see that it is just a modified screenshot? The rendered Pacman jumps out of the picture. I'm almost certain that it is a _joke_.
  6. Here in Finland 56k users (who happen to be the minority) don't usually play any online games at all because of the crappy gameplay. I think that 4/5 of Internet connections here in Finland are DSL's. *Proud owner of 1 Mbit/512 kB connection*
  7. I agree with you but the modder should concentrate on one thing - teamplay. I've played CS for about 2-3 years (both on LAN and online) and noticed that teamplay isn't supported in that game. Of course you can make tactics and attack plans when you play with your friends but online it's impossible. People just hunt frags and play lone wolves. That's why I got bored to the game. Suggestion: The number of robbers standing in the airport hangar would increase the speed of bomb plant. This would encourage players to work in team. I don't want that NosGoth's suggested mode will turn into a frag
  8. I like your idea too but there's one thing I'd like to point out - gameplay. I think that the bombing runs etc. should be in very large areas that are accessible in many ways. If you have to go to the bank, the cops will be camping in front of the entrance and the mission becomes almost impossible. But, if you move the bomb target to a big open are the camping would be impossible. I'd suggest that the bomb target could be in the middle of the airport (one empty hangar or something) or some place else as long as it's open and wide. Good idea. I hope someone mods it.
  9. Damn I hate these messages that start with the sentence "I don't have time to read all 24 pages so...". Then they suggest things like CTF, tag or manhunt. Jeez, I read all the f*cking pages before posting anything. Luckily some people have brains.
  10. Sorry. Got too excited to remember that.
  11. God I hope they include the "glue" thingie in Blue. It would be so damn cooooool to shoot with an M16 from the back of a pick-up. So Blue team, what is the situation? Is it even possible to make it as a default or at least include it in an add-on?
  12. Although these drive by's could create a genre of "driv3byn00bs", I still like the idea. If only the passengers could shoot through car windows, it would balance the gameplay a bit. Think about car killers driving around and shooting you with an uzi from their side windows...
  13. Okey Aphid, it seems that you have thought about your game mode long enough. It seems really, really playable and if you can also code it, it will be awesome! =D> I hope that your mod will draw positive attention. Can't wait to set up my own gang and earn some money!
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