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  1. I must have read a different post then.
  2. You can't really mask the default San Andreas HUD. You can't even get the image out of it. For radar map, there's a Lua-replacement built from ground up, though. Not sure which is the best one, but there are many when you search for "radar" in community.mtasa.com (maybe something is already included with default MTA package as well - don't know)
  3. madis

    Second Camera

    From that gtaforums topic I linked, it seems to me that this area was never actually researched (to programmatically add CULLs or at least the mirrors/screens).
  4. madis


    To have some low-cost servers with less bandwidth usage. Sure you can use a different server for downloading resources already (right?), but having a popular server with lot of new players every day would probably eat up the bandwidth there soon (if you don't want to pay big bucks). The internet speed is quite good for lot of us nowadays (at least for me ), so using correctly balanced P2P would not effect gameplay nor ping (too much). Plus, if the server is active, there are a lot of people to download resources from, so potentially fast download. I'm not saying it's worth the development ti
  5. madis

    Second Camera

    It could enable making portal-like "holes". Didn't know about that 8-track screen. EDIT: Found some old discussion about it on gtaforums http://gtaforums.com/topic/203741-8-track-screen/
  6. madis


    I actually had a similar idea, but implementing it is not worth it. If you have a 1 GB resource, then distribute the client side (via torrent if it'll be an active one) and allow to download it externally.
  7. madis

    -3 Letters-

    Spot The Unknown SGR
  8. madis

    -3 Letters-

    Professional Quadbike Racer XYX
  9. You can use pairs() with any table, but ipairs with indexed-table (=array), that is, where keys are: 1,2,3,4,... g_Window.labels is a key-value table, because it has keys: "label1", "label2" instead of 1,2; so you need to use pairs in that case. Why ipairs is even needed? ipairs iterates in the same order as the indexes advance, but pairs doesn't care about order.
  10. madis

    -3 Letters-

    Mighty Northern Octopus SAP
  11. local otherPlayer = exports["ID_System"]:getPlayerFromPartialName(thePlayer, otherPlayer) A little advice (might not help to solve your problem). Don't reuse variable names, however convenient it seems. It seems that at first otherPlayer is player's nickname and later otherPlayer is a player element.
  12. madis

    Is this ok?

    It works, but with the current code value is myTable[9] also if row=1 or value of array element is false or nil. You could also do this: local myVariable = myTable[math.min(row-1, 9)] in which case if row is less than 2, myVariable would be nil and also if element value is false or nil, it will be propagated to myVariable as well (not take the 9th element).
  13. If one can decompile script easily, then one can also easily remove the key check easily. However, in theory, one could encrypt part of the code, which can only be decrypted (on the fly) with key sent from some server.. every time that resource starts. (though acquiring that key wouldn't be too hard then as well). If client (who wants resource from you) allows to open-source it later, then that is the best protection if you don't want anyone else to sell it. But if you want to sell the same content to multiple clients, then it's not a viable option. You should research if the person you sel
  14. madis


    I suggest you add timer and output how long your callback took on each call (outputting time might be slow itself, keep that in mind), extra 0-3ms is very OK in my opinion.
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