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  1. How about simply having a car insted of a flag?
  2. SCM whats that and yes that would work how do I do it?
  3. Out yet? I have been looking and no Im not talking about the trainer.
  4. announcer: Are you afraid of death Old Lady : yeeas Announcer: Well to bad because your going to die. But you can save yourself for only 3 easy payments of $29.99 You can live Old Lady: what How! Announcer You take 3 pills A day and they make you invulnerable to death its that easy quick Voice: doesn't really work may cause death to work faster
  5. this is a bad thing and a good thing good: big map bad: how do you fill up the map and if you managed to get that many people in a server what would you do
  6. ya know this sounds pretty good id like to join i gat teem speek 2
  7. ya know how about servers that alow custom skins or not like an admin option or osmething
  8. this is slightly good if there playign teem's you can see you partners name but not you enimies gata rember the snipers
  9. ummm well we might have "nebie problems" im all for rocket lauchers but just make sure you put them in hard to find spot k just a sugestion and something tells i popsted on an alreaddy done topic
  10. well then how about an option for the admins (im persistant) or mabey some one could make a mod about this
  11. i know about thoes progs but bult in kinda what cs does
  12. any way we could have bult in mic on mta cuz its ahrd to drive and type at the same time
  13. random races: 5 check point around the city the first to tutch all of them win (midngiht club2)
  14. yo well on most games when you join a server the mod is instaled on your pc and then when you leave the server it is automaticly deleted also how big will the player/servers be like (eg 10/50) or osmething tks in advance sorry if this has been posted befor
  15. huia er hiya sup i keep getting an error so how do i fix it i gat this prob b4 i some how gat rid of it pliz help running client 4.1
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