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  1. whell that sounds right to me destroying thing ps plz make the at400 seat 50 ppl
  2. buy a new grafix card i had this problem when i had a realy crappy comp but now i dont whats so funny about this is i got a new grafix card YESTERDAY :):):):) only $69
  3. i want to see robbing a store avalible in this and being able to drop money for example: you and your clan take control of the malibu club and 3 of your team members takeoff in a heli to a store , one waits in the heli whaile the others get out and 2 of them are gaurding the store making sure the theft doesent go wrong while toe others steal the money. then after the store was robed it would say in the chat box "*... has robed the ... store" and you get to the base as fast as possible and then split up all the money, also i would like when you die you lose money and then there would be money
  4. stupid imagetown gad it couldent even keep the pic up for a day
  5. ok thanks i didnt know you where in these forms either
  6. you can do that to bt i like free hand its works. actualy no it doesent paint doesent even work paint sucks i did mine in paint becase all i wanted to do was some lines can we get back on topic
  7. i think he did it with the line tool and paint and the curves are freehand
  8. i van fly that i just never have and i think i got the map at planetgta or somtin i forget
  9. /\ LOL thaat sounds like fun i wish i was there last night or when ever:) i can fly
  10. im up for the chalenge i fly all around liberty city because you can go to stanton and shoreside vale in a dodo just dont get out
  11. hello if you ever see me on a gta 3 server ask about the airplane ride. i am max101 on the servers. if you ask you may get the ultimate air plane trip! I have made a flight plan it is a jpg heres a link http://img6.imagetown.net/64053323.jpg in the trip we wil be visiting staunton island shoreside vale and possibly stunting in portland.
  12. i vote no if you dont like it leave its just part of the game and its not at all hard to dodge i think the ppl callen ppl noobs for car killing are noobs i mean i ve found a glitch in gta 3 when my gun doesnt work so wtf am i supsost to do i dont think its noobish its easy to dodge even helikilling in vc i aggree not
  13. i was wondering the same exact thing lol BTW it will do exactly what you are saying if you dont change it i forgot to do it when i updated to 1.1 lol
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