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  1. no........... plz tell me how to get my new admin's user name plz!!!
  2. sure... here you go: doreytan@hotmail.com If the user name isn't omportant so plz tell me why every time i try to connect as an admin... i timed out???
  3. i've done this but it still times out... and i dont know my username... where do i get it???
  4. yes... that's what haappens to me when the charecter spawn... I use a keybord & mouse.
  5. every time i try to play the game after i choose charecter, the charecter always go backwards and when i try to switch a charecter the game crashs... can you plz help me??? I didn't uninstalled the mta 0.3 because the ASE can't find the new MTA and i can't use th ASE... plz help me as fast as you can!!! tnx.
  6. I tryed to open a new server in my computer but I cant log in as admin!!! The same time out messege is alway comming up when i try to log in using the MTA admin program. How do i select an user name & password to start being admin??? tnx!
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