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  1. Good to see you're still here, Ed! I certainly will tell you if I'm going to London, it would be nice to actually meet eachother after all these years of internet chatter! I actually started learned basic C++ from http://cplusplus.com by following the tutorials only about 2 years before I started working on the MTA team. I started several smaller game projects first where I did mistakes and gradually learn how to lay out code and structurize big projects. But note that I had quite a bit self-learned experience from other programming languages such as Delphi and Basic, which I started codi
  2. Hi folks, It's been a long while since I've been working on MTA or even posting on this forum.A long time ago I was an active MTA developer for quite a few years. I joined when GTA:SA was very new, less than a month old, and the rest of the team had started developing the first MTA:SA Race. From then on I was on the team during MTA: Race and the first releases of Deathmatch with the resource system known from today. Then my activity faded out. Geez, this must be almost 5 years ago, time flies by! Unfortunately my life has been very busy those years as I've been getting more social life (my p
  3. ChrML

    Ped functions

    Peds will be serverside at one point. Not sure if this is for DP3 or not yet. Basically all the syncing code is there, it just needs to be written to flexibly allow serverside scripts to manage peds and being aware of their states, hopefully without depending on clients.
  4. I've noticed the lack of drawing functionality in dp2, so dp3 now contains a way to draw lines, for example a speedometer needle, both on top and below GUI.
  5. Report your crash dumps from the server here. Please only report dumps from dp2. It'll be of great help to us . You can upload your dump to a free upload site, your homepage or attach it to your thread, as long as we can download them. If you have a description of what happened around the time it crashed, please include that too. Thanks
  6. Looks like it should work to me. Add some debug output around and see if your events are called. The gui stuff should all be created inside the onClientResourceStart event.
  7. fileCreate and fileOpen should now work inside zipped resources from DP2 and newer. You also have a fileGetSize, so you can find the end of file without actually reading all of it.
  8. The mapmanager resource has a function to check: getRunningGamemode http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... ap_manager For example: local resource = call ( getResourceFromName ( "mapmanager" ), "getRunningGamemode" ) if ( resource ) then -- gamemode is running else -- gamemode is not running end
  9. The easiest way is putting the player that created a vehicle in the vehicle element using setElementData. ie setElementData ( createdVehicle, "creator", playerThatCreatedIt ). When a player exits, just loop through all the cars looking for a matching "creator" and delete it if the car is empty. If it's not empty, perhaps change the creator to the current driver of the car. There is no way to detect an element being created yet. We might have to add something like onElementCreate for a future release.
  10. niemi: That's to start the resource with the server. It doesn't have to be there. Just type "refresh" in the console once you've added your resource and then "start resourcename" to start it.
  11. Try this code local cars = getElementsByType ( "vehicle" ) for theKey,theVehicle in ipairs(cars) do local rand1 = randInt(0,126) local rand2 = randInt(0,126) local rand3 = randInt(0,126) local rand4 = randInt(0,126) setVehicleColor ( theVehicle, rand1, rand2, rand3, rand4 ) toggleVehicleRespawn ( theVehicle, true ) setVehicleRespawnDelay ( theVehicle, 5000 ) end
  12. Not sure what you mean by where MTA stores the player info. You can use getElementsByType to retrieve a table over all the players in the server. The onPlayerJoin events when he joins.
  13. You can do an isElement followed by a getElementType call to check if the vehicle is still valid in the timer functions .
  14. ChrML

    Player kick

    Any errors in the server console?
  15. No problem Mulder, example is good . Other than that that resource doesn't need an ACL entry because it doesn't use restricted commands/functions.
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