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    gta3, gta3 and gta3 :P
  1. EASY M8!!! The Guy can't even type correctly, show some mercy he doesn't have gta3 neither mta installed he says. and then he asks how to connect to a game THINK ABOUT IT!
  2. wtf is wrong with u, first post and already your complaining, all we care about is the mod, the site is good enough so stfu will ya, go complain somewhere else
  3. sixpack

    Beta Screenz

    great shots! took me allot of time to check them all though
  4. sixpack

    Beta Screenz

    great shots, took me allot of time to check them all
  5. is there a possibility that some mods post some cool 0.3b screenies? still havent seen allot of that version
  6. i had that problem also yesterday
  7. A: my belly button is just HORNY, they dont call me sixpack without a reason Q: how about yours?
  8. A: my gf's head after i said i cheated on her Q: any problems with it?
  9. hey, i was just wondering, how can i get the stuntmap you see as background on this site? it looks very cool so i wanna try it, and one other thing, is it possible to have mta news send in by email to me? so i can stay up to date? plz let me know en gasten, ga vooral zo door met die mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. damn, ur english is realy annoying, maybe its better for you to learn a bit more english before posting in this forum its kinda hard to understand it when you type like that (not that my english is so good, but most people understand what i'm saying
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