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  1. Some new updates to the clan and other things. Mirc channel: irc://irc.quakenet.org/deathbringers New Website domain: http://www.dbgang.tk/ ..
  2. I posted this thread befor but didnt find the post maybe to long title lol. Take a look on this score, try beat it if you can P.S its not my score .
  3. and i thinked you was him couse you had same avatar lol
  4. i recomend you stfu and mind your own bussines..
  5. we want manison, couse we can share when we dont play but if its a argue then i dont give a shit...
  6. Will post our server and mirc channel soon, going fix first.. Ok thx for today, time to sleep good night all Nerds, l337 , and ofcourse the noobs... cya tomorrow.
  7. Thx quig, other Leader need get on know many wants fight, cant plain anything befor he comes but we will fight kfc first. Edit dont have mic but the chat is fine too me dont need voice chat..
  8. .:dB Clan:. All are welcome to visit: Our Website:dB Website Our Forums:dB Forums ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join dB: Post a reply here to join dB ( With mta nick, email, and age.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules: 1. Cheating (mods, hacks, trainers etc) while using dB-tag will result in kick! 2. If possible do never injure or kill another dB while using dB-tag. 3. Team up as much as possible while using dB-tag. 4. Use "/msg dB.name Text" to ask for lifts and plan
  9. No i dont going copy anything going fix some things then will start new one...
  10. No then they whouldint see the NO CHEATERS or MODDERS i wrote .
  11. the clan will last im sure but not this thread so lock..
  12. Just the ulk have said good luck no one else they just , Just kidding thx guys...
  13. it dont work like madboy said waste of space tested reinstall scan 6-7 times rescan every thing i have full version and it dont work but hare works little faster... if somone want full version pm me... i mean on hare makeing your computer faster...
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