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  1. only a whooping cos i wasnt there
  2. dont put the spaz back in .. and dotn get started on an argument.... Spedo in stunt would be cool.....and stadium cars back in DM but part form that its all good
  3. sorry UA i will apologise, but bannign for killign with colt, thats abuse of power... I have met many UA and your members do seem to think ppl cheat or mod when they dont. so my advice is have admin training or just select admin.. 6 posts is not spam.... killign with colt is not a mod.. our admin is regulated by who will help pay for our server, this keeps the numbers down so we have 5-6 admin.. as aposed to half the team.. your admin do get far to big when they have kick/ban ability... you need to dull down there power or incrase there knowlage of the bugs in the game, i have played in the
  4. you didtn comment on my positive review Im goign home now.... Serious thoe its not so bad over the net when you have ppl of good ping , but it goes funny when a modder is in, as for lan ive not tryed it
  5. no one has yet said take them out of the game.....
  6. its spelt shutup in this topic as well... we were not restatign we were reitterating a point you will not listen to, in a discusion that you are not discussign in thats why we are leaving it read my comment.. if a ladder is there do you have to climb it?? as for now.. LOCK PLEASE
  7. DeathB this is gettign borign you re-statign your opinion this is no discusion.... read how ironic and hypocritical your argument sounds.. lol Have fun in game ....
  8. UA are relitivle new kids on the block , so they will have to get used to whats hot n whats not.. but just go to them and ask why you were banned
  9. I agree with Deejee here you aint readign what other ppl are writing... No one can avoid a chopper kill during a fight.. You started this topic, about servers not the right or wrong with the game.. Just cos the ladder is there , do you have to climb it???? think about that..... We are not weak against chopper kills, as i said before i can doge and shoot down a chopper...we just see them as an over powerd weapon..100% health dammage... Please read all of the above before replying..thats why I wanted the lock and when have you come in to our server and killed TmM's for 30 mins?? ive not
  10. you started the argument so you obviously want to have it... most ppl do miss there first M60 shot.. even if they dotn your health moves and blodd spills so you move,,, you cant here a copter.. not all the time, specialy the sparrow, yeah im off as well...good night BTW im arguing a fact that makes sence.. please look from 2 sides of a coin thats all im askiign, 100 ppl could argue this point all day and nothign would change its up to server admin whas banned and whats not, individual rules are what counts.... Agreed (did i realy say that???)stupid argument, as there is no answer we are
  11. lol I do use choppers to travel arround the map.. good fast transport, I cut it down since the airborn jacking, and as in my other posts im postign for more than just me
  12. thats cos they are easy to kill... and you tend to see the bullets.. You dotn see a chopper swoop down and chop up 4-5 ppl in a fight
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