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  1. Can you have carriages on the trains?
  2. Looks good. Except.. using pixel fonts like that is a bad idea. They're meant to be small..
  3. Mike


    fuck fuck fuckidy fuck. You like yor swearing, don't you?
  4. Why does this script force you to join the XE clan channels? The only possible reason that I could think of, is that the only way you can get new users to come and visit is by hiding this forced little 'feature' in your script. Lame.
  5. You got me. I've been paying littlewhitey for months now. I would've got away with it if it wasn't for you pesky kids!
  6. Would it be possible to disable in the server config? If they don't want too much bandwidth used for example.
  7. This looks fun, i'm gonna go try it out. I might make a little trainer or something specifically for it if you like. Prod me on IRC if you're interested, reb. Might have a mirror up in a sec too Edit: http://mike.littlewhitey.net/satchel-jumping.zip
  8. I previously blamed Tommis for this, but it seems it was Aeron's fault! Find "else !.signal mta.adcon %a %b %c" Change to "!.signal mta.adcon %a %b %c"
  9. If enough sent packets get dropped, the anti-cheat will kick you because the server 'sees' you suddenly warp, so it thinks you're cheating. The only way to reduce this would be to play on servers closer to you, and play without other apps using your connection to minimize lost packets.
  10. You broke the mta.adcon signal. Find "else !.signal mta.adcon %a %b %c" Change to "!.signal mta.adcon %a %b %c"
  11. The server's ping is different for everyone...
  12. How about you do the same, and stop flaming SA:MP, k? I don't condone all this random flaming between the mods, but I do believe that himselfe was justified to post his honest opinions (albeit maybe in the wrong topic) and it was MTA's community that brought SA:MP into it. Just so you know, himselfe had these same opinions about MTA:SA before he became anything to do with SA:MP
  13. He has, and that is what he is disappointed with.
  14. It is center, not centre You misunderstand what i'm getting at. The english spelling is "centre".
  15. http://centre.mtasa.com/ Just points to the homepage, disappointing
  16. Mike

    Polls about polls

    Do you think Forum polls about Forum polls are stupid, a waste of time, pointless, indicative of nothing more than passing whims? VOTE!
  17. Mike

    [news] Updates

    The race checkpoint is the dark blue marker, in that particular race.
  18. Forgot to sign into the "By-stander" account?
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