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  1. i meant, in other games u cant turn off the HUD as simple as that...so i wasnt used to it and all or something. ¬_¬
  2. well unlike other games you cant turn off the HUD in the options menu...
  3. Where can i get a HUD less mod?
  4. ah but my internet can handle that, with the location im from it adds an extra 150+ to my ping.
  5. Cause im making my 3rd movie soon and i need a DM server where people will listen to me, or can someone host? IF someone is hosting you gotta keep with my timezone, i live in Shanghai time or something. I live in the Philippines south of H.K.
  6. Hmm, yeah ill take that into account when i make my nx movie. Umm it was on the PC...
  7. http://homepage.ntlworld.com/tj.hopkins ... o_0001.rar Thx LMAO. The previous movie wasnt mine fyi. I hope you like it I spent 4 days on it.
  8. you know that when u save it onto the PC you can choose how big u want it to be? Though when its really small the quality is horrible. .mpeg files are way smaller than others i think.
  9. why are they there? They usually confuse me and i go check if they are people there but there arent.
  10. what about your internet connection?
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